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the feeling of paly Diablo 3 and Diablo 2

the feeling of paly Diablo 3 and Diablo 2, they are some different between them.

 First I declare that I am not a professional assessment division, only the casual gamer, it does not the agreement for the average player, this article is purely my personal feelings. I have not played the original Diablo 1, just before to see the students played, no investigation, no right to speak. so i do not said the diablo1.

 Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 comparison is as follows:

 1, scene, style: personal I like Diablo II, Diablo II, scene design, in line with the general principles, that is, the heaven and back is hell, and slowly started the routine, the style is a Nordic style. Until now, to see a dark picture of the game, I can only think of Diablo 2, at least do the sole impression. Contrast Diablo 3, the scene in line with the general principles of the stage is not strong, the beginning is the plague, the cemetery, walking corpse … in the end turned out to be heaven! As for style, see Diablo 3 always make me think WOW (such as the third act to go to the depths of hell, a thin walkway and chains always make me think of first love MC) In addition, I am always saying that he was himself, other online games it seems, this kind of right. In short, Diablo 3’s screen is good, but not special.

 2. figures, monsters: What impressed me most Diablo II monster is alive and kicking children, a lot of trouble from time to time to one blew more trouble. Diablo 3 most impressed by the strange arm drill to form a toxic pool, dead in the hand several times. Diablo 2 strange image of the action is very clear, the sound is also very subtle. Diablo 3 owners and strange action than Diablo 2 slow a shot in the motor performance may be rich than the previous generation, but it feels as good as the previous generation is distinct. Diablo 3 character than Diablo 2 hyun, which we still recognize it.

 3. Weapons, skills system: In addition to the weapons of the players reaction property “not true” high attributes than the legendary equipment issues to be Blizzard adjusted data, Diablo 3 weapons, the skill system a welcome improvement, the stone put on and removed no longer is a very difficult decision to no longer save the stone could not bear to use, this is too cool. Skills can easily switch without any cost, the player can try different with different experiences and study one of the skills. If the first Diablo 3 Skill system Diablo 2 skill system, it is estimated will be the players yelled miserable. Unfortunately, these advances are rarely players filed, some player are contrary to enlarge other deficiencies

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The game AION skill

Most of Skills are the spells and abilities your character utilizes while in combat, assisting others in combat, or providing benefits and other useful temporary powers to you or others outside of combat.
Losts skills are used to damage a target while in combat, and depending on the class you have chosen will either be short- to medium-range melee abilities or medium- to long-range ranged abilities.

Other skills will apply de-buffs to your target. These types of skills will lower the target’s performance in combat and movement speed, or in some cases apply damage or other effect over a short period (damage over time or DoT). read more