Did Someone Say 1,000 Guild Wars 2 Beta Keys

(EDITOR’S NOTE: All 1,000 codes have been claimed; they’ll go out to the lucky thousand shortly (they tell me they’ll be emailed Thursday morning). Thank you for entering!)

What’s that? Did someone say Nerdist News is giving away 1,000Guild Wars 2 beta keys? Well, you’d be smart to listen to that person, because that’s exactly what we’re doing. Be one of the first 1,000 people to enter your e-mail on our contest page and you can walk away with exclusive access to the third and final Beta Weekend, taking place July 20-22. Once you get your key, simply enter it at https://register.guildwars2.com/, and you’ll be ready to face the Elder Dragons of Tyria head-on with 999 of your Nerdist friends. Need more convincing? This Beta Weekend event will let you play the two previously unplayable races, the chlorophyll-filled warriors of the Sylvari and the Asura, a diminutive, gadget-obsessed race. So, enter your e-mail, take up your swords and get ready to take Tyria by storm. read more…….http://www.igshops.com/Servers.asp?Lang=en&g=gwImage


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