How i know GW2 will be sucessful

So I’ve been playing GW2 since BWE1, and reading the boards…and I’m pretty convinced that this game will do very well.  But it’s not my own experience that really convinced me of this.  It is, shockingly enough, the complaints I read on the board.

Just about every major MMORPG released in recent history had one or more very serious, potentially gamebreaking, complaints leveled at it in the early stages.  And without exception, one or more of these complaints seemed to eventually lead to its downfall.  A few examples…

1.  SWTOR:  An MMORPG game that seemed to entirely focus on largely single player story and didn’t really bring anything new at all MMORPG-wise.

2.  WAR:  Seemed like it would be amazing at first, but two faction RvR was just failed from the start, and once we heard that they were cutting every major city but two, and four classes…it was obvious this game had problems.

3.  AoC:  HUGE gaps in content, so bad that you literally had to just grind for like 15-20 levels, and a newbie area that offered a deceptively rich experience that was not present in the rest of the game.

All of these complaints were discussed in the early days of the game…basically once the NDA was down, and I think they were HUGE red flags.  However, nearly every complaint about GW2 I read on the board is ridiculous, and they typically fall into a handful of categories:

1.  The completely unsubstantiated:  “This game is horrible!” (no reason why)

2.  The obviously incorrect:  “PvP takes no skill at all!”  (Anyone who has played PvP in GW2 will know this is obviously wrong)

3.  The subjective:  “I don’t like the graphics.”  (While it is fine to make a complaint like this, I’ve never seen one that seems like it would be the opinion of the majority)

Now this said, I completely understand that there are people who will just not like this game, and they may have articulated why very well.  And that is fine.  Not everyone will like it.

But the key here is that I have yet to see the “killer” complaint for GW2.  There’s really no complaint I have seen that will indicate an achilles heel for the game.  And, provided that the quality of the higher level content keeps up with what we have seen so far, I think that is a pretty good indication that it will wind up doing well.


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