Guild Wars 2 Thief Profession Guide

This post will give you an overview of the Thief profession in Guild Wars 2 to help you decide what profession you want to go with. The main thing to remember with GW2 and what makes it different to a lot of other MMO’s out there is that you are not tied to just one style of play.
Normally you have to decide whether to be Healer, Tank or DPS however in GW2 you will find that all professions will have healing abilities and the main difference is that the weapons you have in your main hand and your off hand will govern what skills you have.
Looking At The Thief In GW2:
If you are going to play the Thief in GW2 then you will use a resource called initiative and you will always have at least one initiative free ability that will not cost anything to use.
The unique thing about the Thief is that you will be able to steal things from enemies and other players. They will give you unique abilities that you can use once. The item or ability you get depends on your enemies’ level and the weapon they have.
You will also be one of the faster professions and of course you have a stealth mode which is handy.
The main thing you need to watch for with the Thief is the weapon you use in your main and off hand as with this profession it matters a lot what weapons you have equipped as it will change your skills.
The main weapons that you can use are Swords, Daggers and Pistols and if you want a two handed weapon you can go for the Short bow.
If you are looking for a full guide on all professions and a complete leveling guide for GW2 then check out


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