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WOW 5.1: Epicus Maximus in the Brawler’s Club

WOW 5.1: Epicus Maximus in the Brawler’s Club.

There are many color eggs hide in the Brawler’s Club, most of the creative come form the film, let me said the strange boss: Epicus Maximus.

How do I enter the Brawler’s club in the WOW5.1 You have to get an invitation to enter. There are three ways get it, 

1.  to find one player who already in the club and hit RANK8, ask he to send one invitation to you
2.  to go to the black market to buy.
3.  to kill the boss in Cassandra Lang jungle, will drop a litter invitations.

When you hit R8, you will find a strange boss, that is: Epicus Maximus, this BOSS is shark down combin by the souls of ROCK ON add one called a Dinosaur (Tyrannosaurus dinosaurs) add Epicus Maximus shark, this shark who was also armed with missiles and laser cannons. this combination of creativity from the Brothers Grimm “Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten” the prototype is a chicken, a cat, a dog and a donkey combinations, their’s sculpture also exist in front of Bremen City Hall. 

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Guild Wars 2: the highest efficiency copy of grave proficient Raiders

I brush AC for a long time and worked with different passers group,I Would like to share with you  the highest efficiency method,and also hope everyone together to share your experiences。

The copy of AC which is divided into 3 parts.

1 .Select the route to KHOLER (Thief Lord)

2. Each branch task

3. Last king Raiders

The first step of course isacexp001

Began to Kholer :Trap location,  jumped onto the coffin , the trap will not be in a coffin


Silver strange cleared her to open the door, there is a period of time to arrive at the location waiting for NPC, this time to stay and NPC dialogue, and other people get downstairs.

Careful trap on the road (red circle), less blood in 2000, the Green Line as a safe route, and then jumped into the wall to attack far off the fire trapacexp003

stand  then start playacexp004

Here is a tip, find a person to go to pull the small spiders (before animation), and then after the animation begins, do not SKIP this time pull strange people is invincible, others can easily killing

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Blizzard: different shapes of sword for glory

If you worked at least five years in Blizzard, they will reward you different
shapes of swords for every year, the annual modeling is not the same. And other employees, one year, two year, three year, four year also can get some wine glass or ring or shield reward. Let us look at these reward pictures, it’s very wonderful, moreDiablo III information, please click here



Amazing Pet Battle in World of Warcraft


World of Warcraft game guidelines have been updated pet Battle of content. In this new page, you can see the details of the pet Battle and achievements and awards can be obtained when you challenge other players or tame the wild pet.

As long as a few simple steps, you can start your career tame pet. Maybe you will soon embark on the ultimate pet battle master road!


How to set up you pet clan? there are four effective experience

1.Send the right pet against every battle is a necessary prerequisite for winning

2.Select three favorites pet from your Pet collection to Battle

3. When your pet after the upgrade, they can learn the unique skills and attacks!

4. To try the different combinations pet or insist on playing your favorite pet!

Pet Battle improvements, new world bosses, significant class balance changes, brand new pets and mounts, assorted bug fixes, and more will be in the World of Warcraft.

Guild Wars 2: five largest defects

Guild Wars 2, since the sale operations in the U.S. and Europe in September this year, won many praises from media, and most players think the details of the game is very sincere, the game artistic creation, game mechanics, game flexibility are good. But Guild Wars 2 also five largestdefects, please see the followings.
1. A role description is not enough detailed, lack of a novice navigation features
Character creation process is very gorgeous and happy, but what can I was able to do it in the game? Which weapons suitable for my character? Which treatment skills more suitable for me? If I want to increase the DPS, my skills should be double repair or single repair? There are not very details introduced.
2 the dynamic events can not substitute the tasks.
You will fell very exciting and shocked for the first time about dynamic event, But sometimes dynamic event made us embarrassment, you had experienced this dynamic event, if you redo, it will not reward you with experience, the events need to complete a series of tasks, some events should be reached the quantity peoples, some dynamic events happening, you quickly run, but the result, the event has ended.
3.the problems about upgrade the regional flow.
In Guild Wars 2 game, the equipment can not keep up with the class, equipment is always too low, the GW 2 kamasand equipment merchant in every corner of the world, lack of incentive for players to migrate or upgrade
4. Background story is not very good
The game dubbing fragment sometimes good, sometimes bad. The Characters emotions is not very rich, the narrative process suddenly, there are many new NPC, if the NPC dead, you will not have more emotional upheaval.
5. Handicraft system extremely confusing
GW 2 handicraft system is very confusing, if you want to get some items, you should finished 4 or 5 other items to meet the conditions of synthesis items. However, the handicraft system synthesis process is random, you luck, you will get, if you not luck, you can not get.
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Christmas eve free gold waiting for players


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Igshops: Doomsday Carnival

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