Guild Wars 2: the highest efficiency copy of grave proficient Raiders

I brush AC for a long time and worked with different passers group,I Would like to share with you  the highest efficiency method,and also hope everyone together to share your experiences。

The copy of AC which is divided into 3 parts.

1 .Select the route to KHOLER (Thief Lord)

2. Each branch task

3. Last king Raiders

The first step of course isacexp001

Began to Kholer :Trap location,  jumped onto the coffin , the trap will not be in a coffin


Silver strange cleared her to open the door, there is a period of time to arrive at the location waiting for NPC, this time to stay and NPC dialogue, and other people get downstairs.

Careful trap on the road (red circle), less blood in 2000, the Green Line as a safe route, and then jumped into the wall to attack far off the fire trapacexp003

stand  then start playacexp004

Here is a tip, find a person to go to pull the small spiders (before animation), and then after the animation begins, do not SKIP this time pull strange people is invincible, others can easily killing

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