WOW 5.1: Epicus Maximus in the Brawler’s Club

WOW 5.1: Epicus Maximus in the Brawler’s Club.

There are many color eggs hide in the Brawler’s Club, most of the creative come form the film, let me said the strange boss: Epicus Maximus.

How do I enter the Brawler’s club in the WOW5.1 You have to get an invitation to enter. There are three ways get it, 

1.  to find one player who already in the club and hit RANK8, ask he to send one invitation to you
2.  to go to the black market to buy.
3.  to kill the boss in Cassandra Lang jungle, will drop a litter invitations.

When you hit R8, you will find a strange boss, that is: Epicus Maximus, this BOSS is shark down combin by the souls of ROCK ON add one called a Dinosaur (Tyrannosaurus dinosaurs) add Epicus Maximus shark, this shark who was also armed with missiles and laser cannons. this combination of creativity from the Brothers Grimm “Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten” the prototype is a chicken, a cat, a dog and a donkey combinations, their’s sculpture also exist in front of Bremen City Hall. 

Hope everyone provide more and more the boss of Brawler’s Club, if you want to get WOW gold, game guidance, Leveling Guide, click here


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