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WOW 5.2 brand new fishing activities Preview

Blizzard is about to join a fishing activity in the 5.2 patch,Although the specific name of the event has not yet appeared on the PTR server, but this event certainly unlike previous fishing contest。

There are two characteristics of the new fishing activities:first, Large concentrations of activity fish point,Second, Beware of the largest fish point because you may hook a huge monster!

The activities will last all day in some PTR server, Of course, I believe that not only the players involved in, many loving Fishing NPC will join too.

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Be Careful !you may fish a monster


Fish point increase






what violent games Korean children usually play

The foreign news website NKNEWS is composed by a group to Korea to study, travel, people interested in Korean culture sites,Recently they found several Koreans play the game, some sources come from the Korean website,Some of these games little hatred mean? !

1 crazy beat South Korean President Lee Myung-bak


2.Hanged 2002 South Korean presidential candidate Lee Hoe Chang

Unlike the above game,  Lee Hoe Chang has a chance to escape


3. wipe out U.S. President George W. Bush

In fact, the original name called “treasure key, three tests, the first hurdle kill Korea mice , the second hurdle Japanese monkeys, and then the final hurdle is the American dog.,after you get all the keys can pass to See the beautiful flowers and rainbow。


4.Repel the Japanese


There are three hurdles as well as four different weapons to kill the Japanese4_副本

5 pat housefly

from the screen we can see,U.S. President George W. Bush and Shinzou Abe,Japan as well as South Korea’s politicians was beaten half to death by a fly swatter 。


6.Beat Gophers


just like Beat Gophers to fight Korean local politicians, never-end fighting。6_副本

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World of Warcraft sales data announced Cataclysm become dark horse


1. From the total sales the Cataclysm ranked number one by 3,251,550 copies, while WLK Secondly, the TBC third, MOP final, but little gap in the latter three.

2. The Copy of 2010 World of Warcraft Cataclysm update the best-selling over two million copies.

3. Basically all the release of weekly sales, cataclysm first, while the MOP second,  people on the MOP version have high recognition

4. MOP sale after 10 weeks, can still achieve weekly sales over 30,000 copies, indicating that the Blizzard update the game is quite successful

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Blizzard admit Diablo III defects trying to make the D3 the best game

Diablo 3 money manDiablo-3-Wizard

Now Blizzard seems appeared some problems in Diablo III , the development group is too obvious attempt to rely on the leveling / attribute to extend the player’s game time,Diablo 3  has just past eight months, the future still has a long way to go in accordance with the present mode, how to do in the future?

The Community Manager Vaneras acknowledged the RPG “needs to be a better game” overall but re-iterated its intention as a sequel with a standalone identity instead of “an HD version of Diablo II.”

“A great sequel pays homage to its predecessors and at the same moves forward with new content,” Vaneras wrote in a separate post. “It’s fairly normal that sequels replace features from predecessors with new features, and I can of course agree that it is an issue if those new features fall short of what is intended.

“All I can say is that we are trying to make Diablo III the best game that it can be, but some things take more time to improve than others,” Vaneras continued. “I totally understand if this is hard to accept for some people.”

The player-created list suggests ideas for fixing outstanding issues regarding story, itemization, the lack of PVP, skill trees and attributes, and other topics. Some proposals get quite granular, such as “Sockets that roll as a non-property but an implicit item quality must be brought back” and “Remove those goofy comments from Diablo and Azmodan during acts, revealing tactics and making them sound tryhardish.”

Blizzard are improving Diablo all the time. this year they’ve had the new duelling mode, which brings properly supported PvP to the game for the first time.

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Return to 2003 recalling ten years ago of WOW

“World of Warcraft” so far has been around for eight years, but in fact WOW can be traced back 10 years ago.At first “World of Warcraft” only has six players optional race. Union consist of Six races :Human, Night Elves,Dwarves,Orcs,Tauren and Undead.1


The shape of the human (especially the hair and the body ratio) may make today’s players stunned


Night Elf:

The first night elves more taller slender and weaker than now



Dwarf Uncle modeling not changes in later, but the dwarves Aunt change greatly, her waist become slender and the facial expression is also much more kinder and gentler than before



We can find “Warcraft II” shadow particularly obvious from the orcs, very stupid and brutish, there is no trace of “humanity” in the whole body from top to bottom.



Six races, the only no change is the Tauren, from beginning to the present, this model has never had a change. And to some extent, can think Tauren design is the most successful in six races.


undead :

Early undead more shorter than now,each part proportion disorders, but the basic cast action has been forming.


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Perfect BOSS required What conditions

As a quality game, you are embarrassed to greet with others if you do not have a group of energetic BOSS! The game BOSS always let players to pain and happiness in the process of customs, feel the refreshing feeling never weaker than the plot, but variety of difficulty also let players clenched teeth. Exactly how regarded as energetic BOSS? We will talk about these perfect BOSS have 10 elements!

1. Difficulty

2. Skill

3. Volume

4. Stage

5. Other enemies

6. Process

7. Rewarding victory

8. Atmosphere

9. Enemy knowability

10.Roles setting

 Above points, the most important thing is BOSS itself, He / she must have enough charisma and cunning patience, calm and low-key, Final BOSS need to integrate the classic characteristics of any game, Sinister and ruthless tough, This is the designers to create the original intention rolesof the game

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Obama signed a memorandum : research the impact of violent games on crime


From Denver Batman premiere of gunfire to Connecticut campus shooting tragedy,U.S. gun violence one after another in 2012, shocked the whole world.。

On the 16th of this month, U.S. President Barack Obama signed the 23 administrative memorandum to restrict sales of large-capacity magazine and expansion, including the prohibition of the sale of assault weapons, and demanded investigations Share gun’s background and mental health status, spent a total of 5 billion for firearms control activities. Which there is a closely related to electronic games, the proposal would provide $ 10 million to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, is used to study the impact of violent games on gun crime, if U.S. players are fond violent shooter game “Call of Duty” then it is possible encounter some trouble to purchase guns in future。

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