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GW2 : New Character Backpack jewelry only in the Black Lion mall

After update the “Guild Wars 2”  gathering storm , the Black Lion mall now have added three kinds new roles of backpack jewelry, here lets preview the three kinds of roles backpack jewelry pictures and code.

Charr Plush Backpack Cover


Give your backpack a ferocious overhaul with the brand new Charr Plush Backpack Cover. This charr has got your back!

Get way:  spend 300 gems buying

Preview code: [& AgFamgAA]

Pink Quaggan Backpack Cover and Tiger Charr Backpack cover


 Get way:  buy from the Black Lion chests

Preview code: [& AgFSmgAA] and [&AgFGmgAA]

The Black Lion Chest has been updated! Now each chest has a rare chance to contain the new pink version of the Plush Quaggan Backpack Cover and the striped tiger version of the Plush Charr Backpack Cover.

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RIFT: After Wade, who is the second American Pie super player



On the day of the Academy Awards, the internationally famous movie star, Maggie Q microblogging gave fans a suspense surprise; 24 hours later, following the first “super players Dwyane Wade, the plan of” space-time rift “American Pie” super players “also surfaced, she is had been media speculation to MaggieQ ,this speculation has been transformed into the “space-time rift” formally signed.

MaggieQ a Vietnamese half-breed successfully break into the international market, due in 2002 starred in “Naked Weapon” starring rising popularity of U.S. drama “Nikita” in 2010, become an internationally renowned movie star. It is reported that Wade endorsement “space-time rift traced contract fee exceeds ten million dollars, while, With MaggieQ popularity signing fee should also not be too low.

With the step-by-step plan of American Pie exposure, and according to the official news released earlier, the space-time rift “super players is a well-known singer in the United States, so stay tuned to follow up reports of igshops

RIFT: Appreciate Winners’ Masterpiece-Sweetheart

Days ago U.S. version organized the activities called Joy Of Dimensions,While the top two voted postions were not a surprise, third place was not the expected result.  Somehow overnight, ~Sweethearts~ by Kitasia had dropped off third place to be replaced with Enoki Lounge.  The reason for this became clear when ~Sweethearts~ was announced as the grand prize recipient.

Without further ado, lets meet the winners!

This bedroom suite is soft and feminine.  Pinks, whites and blues predominate.



Small details, like the use of decorative red sweetberries to mimick embroidery



Wedding items are featured extensively in ~Sweethearts~ giving a coordinated and cohesive look to the dimension.



Light, airy, filled with colour and detail, this is the look that won Kitasia the grand prize.


Kitasia has focused on building a home for herself including  building, furniture and garden.  Every part of her build contributes to that one idea with no distractions or deviations, Visiting Kitasia’s home certainly puts the joy into The Joy Of Dimensions.  Congratulations, Kitasia, on your win.  It’s very well deserved.

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RIFT 2.2 : Carnival of The Ascended comes next week


The new year is beginning, RIFT has released enough content updates to leave other MMOs in the dust. Everyone begin to celebrate the most extravagant World Event Carnival,The carnival celebrating the anniversary of your return arrives next week in Update 2.2 – with all new games, zone events, and prizes to win it’s sure to be a fun and festive time.

But the Carnival of the Ascended is not all you have to look forward to in 2.2, as usual RIFT has done their best to stuff it full of awesome updates & improvements and that doesn’t even include the work they’ve been doing in Hot Fixes since the start of the year.


Here’s what you have to look forward to:

Codex: Wheel of Fate alt mode warfront

Carnival of the Ascended World Event

Tier 2 PvP Planar Attunement

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WOW Season 12 Ending Soon,Who is Eligible for the Rewards?



Blizzard has announced the end of Season 12 for both Arena PvP and Rated Battlegrounds. The season will officially end on Tuesday, March 5, At that point, we will determine who is eligible for the end-of-season rewards, a process that should take approximately one week. It’s very important for players who feel that they may be eligible for Arena titles and/or the Malevolent Gladiator’s Cloud Serpent to refrain from transferring their characters to another realm or faction until after Season 12 ends. The awarding of Season 12 titles and mounts will occur approximately 2 weeks after the season ends.

While players will be able to keep their Valor in patch 5.2, Conquest points will still be converted to Honor points. Keep in mind however that all Season 12 gear will be able to be purchased with Honor points at that time — while 5.0 and 5.1 Valor gear will still cost Valor. Also note that any items with a rating requirement attached will no longer be available for purchase after the Season’s end, so be sure to pick up any gear you’re missing before March 5.

if you’re a PvP enthusiast, consider this your heads up to decide what to do with any remaining Conquest or Honor points , Let’s guess who will get the end-of-season rewards?

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Rift signed NBA superstar Wade, will Open Beta Test on March 6


Yesterday was an exciting day! Feb 19, 2013 (SinoCast Daily Business Beat via COMTEX) — Rift, an online 3D game agented by online game company Shanda Games Limited (NASDAQ: GAME), will enter open beta test on March 6.

Meanwhile, Shanda Games announced a plan today to launch a “super player” scheme and NBA star Dwyane Tyrone Wade had become the first super player of Rift that signed a contract with the company.

Rift is an online game that takes U.S. game developer Trion Worlds about five years at a cost of USD 50 million to develop.

Space-time rift developed by the U.S. developer Trion Worlds a dynamic online games in Europe and America, is one of the most successful games on the market in Europe and the United States in recent years,.According to introduction, the world area of the game reaches unprecedented 5,535 square kilometers, five times as large as that of Warcraft series and turning the game into the online game with the largest mapping area at present.

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Fans Favorites! WoW TCG Front cover

Recently, Blizzard updated Warcraft Trading Card,this update is issued by the Blizzard “(Hunt for Illidan)” card of the front cover art collections in 2008.Do you know about the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game? Each Trading Card Game set offers three unique loot cards. Each pack of cards you purchase from a set has the possibility of including one of these loot cards. For the rarest loot card in the set, the chances you’ll find one in a single pack are slim, while the chances are much better for the more common loot cards in the set. As usual, we publish it to the blog for everyone to enjoy, let`s take a look at it now !

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