Ten famous sexy violence vampire in game

Surprisingly, the vampire is not as much as you imagine in the game .They are usually the villains,Of course, some of them will appear in the “Castlevania” series games,We have collected some vampire in this article, if there are any omissions, please tell us in the comment box。

1.Bodhi Baldur’s Gate II: Shadow of Amn)Her predecessor is elf . She may be the most terrible elf


2.Demitri Maximoff (Vampire – The Night Warriors)He looked like the vampire of Phoenix Wright。


3.Vamp Metal Gear Solid Series)Even he is not real exist, he has a lot of ability is eminently qualified to be included in our list.。


4.Vincent Valentine (Final Fantasy)Seven(No.7) like Vamp, Vincent may not  a wild vampire but a product of the experiment, and there is vampire qualities in him.


5.Rachel Alucard BLAZBLUE Series)An arrogant vampire, she likes drinking tea。。。


6.Vorador Legacy of Kain)protagonist Kain and Raziel course are the best choice, but Vorador –  main character too – he looks so cool.


7.Alucard and Dracula (Castlevania Series)


8.Jeanette Voerman Vampire The Masquerade-Bloodlines


9.Jericho Cross Dark watch)This is a strange western style with steam punk style mixed game


10.Rayne( BloodRayne)she is a cute but very violent sexy female vampire


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