Rift signed NBA superstar Wade, will Open Beta Test on March 6


Yesterday was an exciting day! Feb 19, 2013 (SinoCast Daily Business Beat via COMTEX) — Rift, an online 3D game agented by online game company Shanda Games Limited (NASDAQ: GAME), will enter open beta test on March 6.

Meanwhile, Shanda Games announced a plan today to launch a “super player” scheme and NBA star Dwyane Tyrone Wade had become the first super player of Rift that signed a contract with the company.

Rift is an online game that takes U.S. game developer Trion Worlds about five years at a cost of USD 50 million to develop.

Space-time rift developed by the U.S. developer Trion Worlds a dynamic online games in Europe and America, is one of the most successful games on the market in Europe and the United States in recent years,.According to introduction, the world area of the game reaches unprecedented 5,535 square kilometers, five times as large as that of Warcraft series and turning the game into the online game with the largest mapping area at present.

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