RIFT: Appreciate Winners’ Masterpiece-Sweetheart

Days ago U.S. version organized the activities called Joy Of Dimensions,While the top two voted postions were not a surprise, third place was not the expected result.  Somehow overnight, ~Sweethearts~ by Kitasia had dropped off third place to be replaced with Enoki Lounge.  The reason for this became clear when ~Sweethearts~ was announced as the grand prize recipient.

Without further ado, lets meet the winners!

This bedroom suite is soft and feminine.  Pinks, whites and blues predominate.



Small details, like the use of decorative red sweetberries to mimick embroidery



Wedding items are featured extensively in ~Sweethearts~ giving a coordinated and cohesive look to the dimension.



Light, airy, filled with colour and detail, this is the look that won Kitasia the grand prize.


Kitasia has focused on building a home for herself including  building, furniture and garden.  Every part of her build contributes to that one idea with no distractions or deviations, Visiting Kitasia’s home certainly puts the joy into The Joy Of Dimensions.  Congratulations, Kitasia, on your win.  It’s very well deserved.

Click read more for all the details!


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