RIFT: After Wade, who is the second American Pie super player



On the day of the Academy Awards, the internationally famous movie star, Maggie Q microblogging gave fans a suspense surprise; 24 hours later, following the first “super players Dwyane Wade, the plan of” space-time rift “American Pie” super players “also surfaced, she is had been media speculation to MaggieQ ,this speculation has been transformed into the “space-time rift” formally signed.

MaggieQ a Vietnamese half-breed successfully break into the international market, due in 2002 starred in “Naked Weapon” starring rising popularity of U.S. drama “Nikita” in 2010, become an internationally renowned movie star. It is reported that Wade endorsement “space-time rift traced contract fee exceeds ten million dollars, while, With MaggieQ popularity signing fee should also not be too low.

With the step-by-step plan of American Pie exposure, and according to the official news released earlier, the space-time rift “super players is a well-known singer in the United States, so stay tuned to follow up reports of igshops


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