GW2 : New Character Backpack jewelry only in the Black Lion mall

After update the “Guild Wars 2”  gathering storm , the Black Lion mall now have added three kinds new roles of backpack jewelry, here lets preview the three kinds of roles backpack jewelry pictures and code.

Charr Plush Backpack Cover


Give your backpack a ferocious overhaul with the brand new Charr Plush Backpack Cover. This charr has got your back!

Get way:  spend 300 gems buying

Preview code: [& AgFamgAA]

Pink Quaggan Backpack Cover and Tiger Charr Backpack cover


 Get way:  buy from the Black Lion chests

Preview code: [& AgFSmgAA] and [&AgFGmgAA]

The Black Lion Chest has been updated! Now each chest has a rare chance to contain the new pink version of the Plush Quaggan Backpack Cover and the striped tiger version of the Plush Charr Backpack Cover.

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