In the near future Diablo 3 will be free ?


Observant players will find when landing BN have the new Diablo 3 game account at a novice Starter Edition. Whereas before only the Standard Edition.,Friends know played World of Warcraft  the novice free experience time, Getting Started account so that Diablo 3 and World of Warcraft have beginners account can also be understood as a free trial account. Diablo not open the first heat in fact, a large part of the long-term impact of Diablo 2, it is also because Diablo 2 is a bit too far, resulting in a lot of young players and no contact with the Diablo II or Diablo series.

Blizzard set the novice free experience aspects of RMB 300 yuan game threshold is indeed a bit high. For the student players not afford such a high disposable consumer can make a large part of people stay on the sidelines or simply abandoned. Some of them may simply have not come into contact with the Diablo series of games, some contact but did not know Diablo 3 can really meet their expectations. Spend so much only gamble on a game? Many people prefer to give up,they can choose to play other games.

Blizzard realized to establish Getting Started account must have its profound meaning. The resources are going to fall into the hands of others ?Blizzard will continue to use  the novice experience model of World of Warcraft and launch a series of the novice free experience mode in recent days, in order to attract some of the players hovering between playing and not playing, so that more novice players to experience the dark fell in love with the dark,willingly took out money to buy the official version.

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