What`s the WOW consistent pattern of behavior in the new patch



Some players are curious, what`s the change of the WOW new patch bring? The new patch bring new content, this is the World of Warcraft consistent pattern. Some small patch like 1.8.2 just some bug fixes, modify the mechanism of the BOSS or similar content. Really do not increase  new content, and some can be considered fair, add small amount of new content, such as 3.2.2 Ao Nike West regression. Patches marked by two digits, the upcoming 5.2 always add a lot of new game content for everyone to experience.

2.2 patch released in September 2007, but nothing added. This looks like a large patch of the history of World of Warcraft is the only one adding new content. New team this Town, no new battleground or arena, no new daily, even new items. Contrast, the 2.2 patch adding the players do not like and even can be said that some players are tired of meaningless things. Some players do not buy it, most of the players for a long time will not touch the stuff, lots of players do not even know it exists.

Since World of Warcraft on sale, they are on the panel to make various improvements to facilitate players. The built-in voice chat system is one of them. It is simple to use, and fully integrated within the game, communication between players become easier. Some players on the system from the outset opposed, they worried about the start of the game for players who can not use voice communication become friendly. Needless to say, before there is no such opposition calls for voice communication appeared. Voice chat system in the 2.2 patch on line just in a few servers tested other server and then one week after the opening of this function.

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