DIABLO3:Blizzard the PAX East mysterious project runs next week

Blizzard’s chief creative officer Rob Pardo said“PAX East next week and I’m still not ready with the announcement for our next game. ” presaging an expected new game reveal at PAX East this month.

About two weeks ago, the major media received the Blizzard mysterious invitation:’This exhibition, we will show << Diablo of God III >> host version demo the same time, we have a new contraption would like to show to everyone, this new gadgets in our other games and we are very pleased to invite you to become a world first saw it is worth mentioning that it is not a sequel, nor is any piece of information, of course, is not rumored ‘next generation MMO, but it pleased, and the the current PAX EAST want to be able to give the opportunity to experience.’

Due this invitation through other means (such as website news / players-mail) to show to the players, it has been speculated that the release of this new product may be similar media conference as only open to the media but Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed. This important event will be to the public. in addition to the traditional media written reports, perhaps to facilitate the first time live online for details.

PAX East runs March 22 through 24 in Boston

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