The simple introduction of the Rift Wedding System

Rift abandon the traditional rules, game players can married with favorite objects, Marriage partners does not require the same race or heterosexual, so players how to get married? Following describes marriage process.

To hold a wedding ceremony, you need Wedding Coordinators. For Defiants, this will be Quchi Bora on the bottom floor of Orphiel’s Spire. Guardians will find their Coordinator, Lada Freen, towards the back of Mariel-Taun’s Village. Coordinators sell a Wedding Planner for ten gold, a book with extensive instructions on in-game matrimony and the wedding instances (such as how to invite up to 200 guests). A Marriage Contract is also available for one plat.

Wedding Plannern 1 Marriage Contract  2

Holding a wedding


Marriage Ceremony is always filled with happiness. With a marriage ceremony instance from the marriage coordinator for five plats, you can enter it by right-clicking the ceremony item. Your love and you must speak to the coordinators to designate which will be the applicant of the Sun and the Moon, and then the official can be spoken to at the altar to begin the wedding. When it comes time to give your vows, one of you must use your Marriage Contract on the other to ask if he or she wants to be married. Using the /kiss emote on each other will then conclude the ceremony. All players in attendance will get the Wedding Witness achievement, including the newlywed couple! The couple will also receive a Gold Wedding Ring each.



What’s more, there is a reception area with cake, a feast and wedding gifts after ceremony. All players inside the ceremony instance can interact with these items. However, the ceremony instance is completely optional. You can just use the Marriage Contract on your love. Obviously, you will spend several plats (one of the currencies in Rift, more expensive then gold) in marrying your love in Rift., Not married? Quickly come tonight the white ceremony attire free to you !

For more information you can visit the official site.



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