Heroes and Villains in your Favorite Blizzard Games


In Blizzard games the most exciting part is the numerous large and small heroes and Villains of the story,Riverside Hogg,Diablo, the Plaguelands Fordring, chic Ranger Jim Raynor ,Etc,Either the Heroes or the Villains, they gave the players a deep impression。

The European official Community Forum a player asked a question, Which are your favorite  Heroes and Villains in Blizzard game? The Answers of the players are variety

Blue posted: Hmm, this is a tough question.I’ll start with the Villains first. There are many really awesome villains in Blizzard games, such as Arthas, Illidan, Diablo, and Baal, but if I have to pick a favourite, then I think I will go with Arcturus Mengsk… He may not be a prime evil super villain type character, but that is maybe why I like him so much… he is just a regular good old fashioned dictator you can relate to.

So just as the title says who is the best heroes and villains for you? I have a hard time to decide between Arthas or Overmind as the villains and Tyrael/Imperius? As the heroes are hard choices.Now who are your favorites?

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