Diablo 3 Daily Reward Mechanism And Broadcast Functions


Players in the Reddit forum recommended Blizzard also to join the day-to-day tasks and achievements in Diablo 3, Blizzard’s other two games World of Warcraft and StarCraft 2 contains the daily reward. Such incentives motivate the players to a certain extent landing the game, but also bring some negative effects such as gaming experience mixed with feelings of “mandatory”. In this regard the game designer Wyatt Cheng shared some of his own opinion.

Wyatt Cheng: With the passage of time, this idea will come out sooner or later. I don’t want to this conclusion, but we want to share with you for Diablo 3 Gold this kind of system design concept, to help you understand our idea.”Daily” system’s main function is to provide little extra players to log in every day of the award, some players spend a lot of time in the game, and some players spend time is relatively less, daily system can shorten the gap between these players. In addition to these, the daily reward policy implemented in Diablo 3 also can bring negative effect.Wyatt Cheng also mentioned in another thread or in the 1.08 patch will join the function of a broadcast message.

Player: I hope the game can increase a broadcast message to all friend functions, like the world of warcraft and starcraft ii, when I don’t want to get a team of 20 people a secret language.

Wyatt Cheng: in order to improve the multiplayer games, we plan to add this in 1.08 a similar broadcasting function of world of warcraft and starcraft ii.

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