Through Game really can inspire you to do better in school


Are you still scared to go to school just worry about reading bad? For some schoolchildren physics is a chore, for others a breeze. But for the pupils in Shawn Young’s class, it is a game. In BBC report, Mr. Young, a physics teacher in Quebec, Canada, explains that doing just that has made a difference in his own classroom. Mr Young teaches physics 16-year-olds has turned to video games in a bid to make the children in his class pay more attention.


In Mr Young’s class pupils are divided into teams of eight. Within that team, each pupil takes on the role of a warrior, priest or mage (wizard). Each one of these roles has powers associated with it. Some are trivial, such as being able to open a window during class, but others are much more useful. For instance, powerful mages are granted the “Time Warp” ability which lets them take eight minutes longer to finish an exam.

Each character also has hit points, just like in WoW, and you can lose hit points through poor classroom behavior or missing homework deadlines. If your hit points go to zero, you earn yourself a detention or some other sort of penalty. But your teammates can help you out, too. Warriors, with their large hit point pool, can soak damage, and priests can heal it back. Like this, teams are encouraged to work together and help each other learn the material. Mr. Young calls the whole system “World of ClassCraft” in honor of WoW, which it imitates.

Experience show that students are very motivated (including girls) to perform in the game. The motivation to gain real life powers, the randomness of the events and the risk involved in avoiding death are all factors that make the game motivating. To our knowledge, World of Classcraft, is the the only example of gamification in education to completely transform the classroom into a large-scale game. Moreover, World of Classcraft is subject-agnostic, in the sense that it can be played in any subject.

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