Rumor: Titan will combined with historical myths and time-traveling

Game media site Joystiq recently broke the news, reported that the Blizzard`s mysterious new online game “Titan” will involve a lot of time- traveling works. In this year of BlizzCon will publish videos, a series of tests will be held in the first half of next year.

According to the latest rumors Project Titan will have the Earth setting, and the storyline will be based on the myths of Greece, Rome and the Scandinavian countries. Also, the developers are planning to add the time traveling. Speaking about the game’s weapons and atmosphere, there will be a range from firearms, laser weapons and vehicles to magic, runes and mythical creatures. If you have ever played World Of Warcraft it will be easier for you to adapt to the new MMO because they have similar principles of the worlds’ existence and traditional for Blizzard, graphics.

Blizzard vice president of game design Rob Pardo said that the game was “in the middle of development” in late 2012. Currently there are about 150 people working on this project and the main focus now is on esports component of the gameplay. Hopefully, Blizzard will show at least Project Titan teaser during the BlizzCon 2013 (8-9 November).

The leaks say that Titan will play from a third-person view, has a new game engine, could also be headed to consoles, and has a strong e-sports emphasis.For more information you can visit the official site.





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