World of Warcraft Global Achievement Unlocked over 13 billion in Five years


At this year`s GDC , the chief designer of the “World of Warcraft” Cory Stockon has Shared us the game system of achievements since 2008,Up to February this year, the total number of global “World of Warcraft” players in the game’s achievements over 13 billion have been unlocked it means that an average of 8.7 million are unlocked every single day. According to Stockton, achievements in WoW have to follow an established set of rules, two of which are that they shouldn’t reward bad gameplay or power leveling.

“We don’t want players to have the expectation that they think they need to get them,” Stockton said, which can be problematic for some of the time-limited Feats of Strength achievements which reward players for playing WoW during a certain event or time period. “If you missed it, it’s gone forever,” Stockton said. “And it’s really rough to have people stare at that list. So they don’t show up until you actually earn them.”

One of the game’s most popular achievements is ”Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy!” which has been earned by around 11 million players by killing 50 rookery whelps within 15 seconds.

Relative to the “World of Warcraft” 9.6 million players, only a handful of winners in the game,for example “Panda mystery” team copy of the achievements the glory of pandaria team “The winner of this achievement to February 2013, only 342 people

How many achievements did you have? Then what `s the most should be proud of achievements? To share out! For more information you can visit the official site.


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