Patch 1.08 :The Scorpion Experience will significantly change


Recently there are some players point out on the Reddit forum that at present the third act of the scorpion experience design is not reasonable to Diablo3 game, if not change, will undermine efforts development team to adjust the density of monster. Blizzard game designer Wyatt Cheng agreed with this statement and mentioned the scorpion experience value will be reduced 75%.Patch 1.08 will be the monster density adjustment, however, after which there will be more of the farm route for players to choose, players completely unnecessary limited in the third act of the game.

Wyatt Cheng said Sorry to bring you bad news. The scorpion experience must be reduced. Considering that we have increased all the other things, and also gain effect of multiplayer provides direct, we do not want the game to further expand forever.

Specifically, the scorpion experience will be reduced by 75%.Sounds dropped a lot of feeling, because the degree of experience cuts of this magnitude is not an interesting thing, but I hope you agree with me, if you think so, a giant hammer lords experience only the scorpion 1.5 times, not just the most monster Dreadmaul lords game has a reasonable proportion of the experience, and now it is obvious that the scorpion does not belong to one of them.

At the same time, Wyatt also mentioned the 1.08 patch will not modify the value of life treasure hunt Goblin. High monster strength Goblin value of life in multiplayer games will adjust it?

Now the 1.08 is coming out, and we can see, the adjustment will work in the game. To buy the cheapest Diablo 3 gold with fastest delivery and warmest service, just a simple click to Diablo 3 gold.


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