Gamers so obsessed with World Of Warcraft! What’s So Special about it?


World Of Warcraft released in 2004 nearly a decade ago and yet still millions of players still sign in every day to play it. What’s So Special about it?

Think of any game you’ve played recently and ask yourself if you’ll still be playing it nine years down the line. Chances are the answer will always be no; why would you want to play the same game for nine years? We ask a group of regular WoW players to find out exactly why World Of Warcraft has such unprecedented longevity.

I think constantly innovating and breaking down content is essential, site director at hugely important World Of Warcraft website Wowhead. Whether it’s taking from other games, thinking of new features, or simply just adding tons of new content, I believe Blizzard knows how to adapt its MMO. Regular content has always been important to MMOs, but where much struggle just to stay afloat, the heavy number of subscribers gives Blizzard a little extra room to provide its fans with the content it deserves.


The fact that it hasn’t seemed to have aged, the regular graphics updates and graphics style have given it a longevity that I don’t think anyone anticipated.At a time when SWTOR is beginning to look a little aged and LOTRO looks positively ancient it’s amazing that it still feels so fresh. But some player think It’s simple to play and very cathartic. They treat it as a form of comfort gaming and tend to mostly play when they tired, ill or just in need of escaping from life for a bit.

It’s very easy to level up, so players enjoy the instant gratification and feeling that they’ve achieved something in a short time. That’s perhaps the most important point here: WoW’s gamers know its world, they know its characters, its towns, its lore, its enemies, its… well, everything. There’s something to be said for a game that is just comfortable. Part of that is thanks to the visual design of WoW, but there’s something soothing about recognition. It’s the reason Call Of Duty fans buy every year’s iteration, or Grand Theft Auto fans can’t get enough of the open world crime game. Familiarity feels safe.

In general I think Blizzard has done a good job of rewarding players for their involvement in PvE with achievements. For more information you can visit the official site.



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