Wise gamers would not stay these Video game locations

The Unparalleled video game is certainly beautiful and terrible locations coexist. However, we should far away from these dirty place, some video game locations make less sense. Some are unremittingly horrible, yet their locals seem perfectly happy to persevere. These are the video game locations only an idiot would live in.

Pacific City

Pacific City (Crackdown)

So your city is being torn apart by street warfare between rival gangs, could be worse, maybe have zombies.

The City (Thief)

The City (Thief)

Theocracy is always a slightly worrying start. But when you’re stick in the middle of a three way grudge match between a trio of fanatical factions in a dark, crime-riddled, supernatural city of eldritch steampunk dread, you know you’re living in the wrong post code.

Pandora (Borderlands)

Pandora (Borderlands)

Pandora looked great at first. A vast, unspoilt wilderness of fresh resources and new potential. Problem was that once Pandora burst into life, it turned out that all of its life was just horrible. This is a planet where even the plant life will electrocute you, so good luck with the big-toothed mammals. Oh, and everyone there is either mentally ill, a megalomaniac, or a mentally ill megalomaniac.

Santa Destroy (No More Heroes)

Santa Destroy (No More Heroes)

Santa Destroy isn’t so much a town as it is a dumping ground for junk no other town wants to deal with. Judging by the various jobs Travis can complete as side missions, it has a graffiti problem, the gardens are overgrown like an alcoholic’s stubble, the rubbish collection has stalled , the place is infested with scorpions, and the beach is full of undetonated landmines. The world’s top 10 assassins all call it home and use its every municipal facility as a playground. Murdering each other . Hardly surprising that the streets are so desolate.

Tuchanka (Mass Effect)

Tuchanka (Mass Effect)

The Grim Reaper in planetary form. Once a pleasant place, the Krogan homeworld rapidly turned into a blasted, unlivable wasteland, coincidentally around the same time the Krogans discovered nuclear power. It’s now an ash-covered, radioactive, alkaline hellhole, upon which nearly every surviving species is predatory. Including the plants.Wherever you are on Tuchanka, something will be trying to kill you, even if it’s just the atmosphere.


Hyrule (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

Hyrule is a dump. Every night half of the plant-life wants to kill you. The chickens attack in organised hit squads.

So those are some of the worst video game places to live. The Red Planet (Unreal Tournament 2004), Balaho (Halo), Sera (Gears of War) .There is no reason to live on these places. If you live there your life has gone wrong and you should put it right immediately.For more information you can visit the official site.


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