1.08 PTR patch update: some changes to Career Skills

The Diablofans sites List of changes in new PTR patch, it is noteworthy that this change is focused on the role of skills. From now on the official do not release the corresponding content, but we believe there will be continuously updated the PTR testing with Diablo 3 In the near future.


Demon hunter

Even when shooting a consumption: 20 hatred, hatred consume additional 6 / per second during the process of shooting quickly shot, that deals 438% weapon damage the value of the physical damage. Serial bombardment: continuous injection explosive grenade, to all enemies within 48 codes that deals 414% weapon damage of fire damage. Firepower: the shoot in the boot process, a second launch 2 tracking missiles, each can be that deals 145% weapon damage to nearby target values of the physical damage. Body count shooting: initial hatred consume reduced to 10 points, and ignite your arrows, will attack to fire damage.


Witch doctor

Fire bat consumption: a consumption: 221 mana, the boot process consume an extra 66 mana per second/call a group of enemy fire burning in front of the bat, that deals 180% weapon damage of fire damage.



Can split light consumption: 18 points the secret/fired a beam of pure energy, dealing 220% weapon damage of arcane damage, and decompose to kill the enemy. Reinforcement: damage over time slowly increased up to 286% weapon damage of arcane damage. Entropy: light beam is scattered, with a range of conical short discount deals 253% weapon damage of arcane damage. Arcane torrent consume 16 points in the secret can launch a lot of/a secret method, damage to all enemies impact near 210 deals 285% weapon damage of arcane damage. Secret stream pentium: killed by arcane torrent of nearby foes have a 100% chance the enemy to launch a new secret law, dealing 285% weapon damage of arcane damage. Arcane blast flare: no longer penetrate the secret method, to set up arcane explosion. He will start in 2 seconds, when the enemy is close to produce explosions, that deals 340% weapon damage of arcane damage. In the explosion within the scope of the target’s movement and attack speed by 30%, lasts 3 seconds.

Now the 1.08 is coming out, and we can see, what the adjustment will work in the game. To buy the cheapest Diablo 3 gold with fastest delivery and warmest service, just a simple click to Diablo 3 gold.


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