Guild Wars 2 designer prophecy will add more types of weapons


Many players are wondering if there have any plans to implement new weapons into Guild Wars 2. Recently, Guild Wars 2 designer Jonathan Sharp and Jon Peters accept the foreign media interview and they make a respond to Occupational balance and weapons skills。

Do you foresee the addition of more skills for each already existing weapon, or at the moment are you content with keeping it the way it is with only one set of skills per weapon?

Jonathan: The big thing right now is that we’re trying to keep it focused on content. You guys will see that a lot of the patches coming out in the future will be really focused on a lot of new content that we’re trying to do. One thing we want to do right now, though, is that we want to keep the number of skills on weapons the same. What we’re really trying to do, as far as balance goes, is really focus on trait revisions. We feel that traits open up a lot of the weapons for a lot of the classes. And the reason for this is that some of the classes don’t have as many viable options, maybe in PvE, or specifically in dungeons, or PvP or WvW. What we’re basically seeing is that some of the classes have one or two viable builds. And a lot of the times it’s the traits that help open up viable builds for people. So right now we’re focusing more on traits and less on the weapons themselves, but in the future that could be something we do – add more stuff to them.


if there are currently any plans to add new weapon types to the game

Jonathan: This is something that we definitely want to do. As a lot of people on the forums have picked up, the system is pretty much designed to do exactly this. For instance, you can just give one of the classes a new weapon and all of a sudden they have a complete new way to play the class that interacts with the utilities, the heals, the elites, and the profession abilities. But it’s one of those things that we want to wait on until the time is right. We still feel like there’s some work to be done on the traits for all of the classes and getting those up to par. And again, going back to what we talked about in the first question about making sure that everybody has a lot of viable builds – we want to make sure that that’s the case. Once we feel like that has settled down and everything’s got a really good feel to it, then we can start talking about adding new weapons. We don’t know when that will happen, or how that will happen, but it’s definitely something that we’ve talked about.

Do you hope that each class’s ability to avoid damage, or what kind of class in particular need to add the ability to avoid damage?

Jonathan: The answer is yes. But let’s go into it a little bit more. The classes overall are pretty okay. What we’re finding is that different builds that might be really strong, for instance in a PvE dungeon, that same build might be no where to be seen in WvW or PvP. When we start looking at stuff like that, we try to balance the classes in different ways, in different places. For instance, in dungeons and PvE, guardians and warriors are really strong. But that same warrior build, if you take it to a competitive PvP match, you’ll just get blown out of the game because he just doesn’t bring the things to the table that the current meta dictates. So that’s one of those places where we have to do a little bit of different balancing. And this is one thing that we’ve talked about before, which is basically we wanted to keep balance for all three major types of the game – PvE, WvW, and PvP. We wanted to use a lot of the same numbers so that players could come into the game, quickly understand their class in relation to all other classes, and then if they go and play a different game type, they’d still have a sense of what’s going on. But now that the game has matured enough, we’re feel like we’re going to start doing a lot more splitting of skills. What we might do, for instance, that PvE warrior might need to be toned down a little bit, but with that same spec, if you take it to PvP, actually needs to be improved a little bit. So we’re going to continue to split those off from one another because they’re basically two different classes now because of the demands of the different game types.

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