How to use the right way to properly handle your stuff In World of Warcraft


With you playing for a long time that you may feel a bit overwhelmed.Because you accumulate a sizable collection of armor, weapons, bandages, food, and just… well… stuff but you don`t know how to use the right way to properly handle your stuff, Fortunately there are lots of options for storage in World of Warcraft: all you have to do is take advantage of them.

Stock up on bags

The first and simplest way to expand your inventory is to buy some bags. While you will run into some as you level up, they’re probably smaller than those you can find elsewhere. Here’s how you can find some shiny new bags with a minimum of hassle…

Head to the nearest auction house, this is the most straightforward option, but be prepared to pay for it. If that’s out of your price range, finding a tailor who’s willing to craft bags for you in exchange for materials is a good bet. If you just can’t spare the coin to buy bags, you can try asking your friends if they have any bags to spare.

Visit your local bank

But even with the best bags on the market, you can easily fill up your inventory space. Fortunately, you’ve got a huge second inventory in your local bank. If you’ve never paid the bank a visit, there’s no time like the present! Visit any major city — all Horde and Alliance capitals will have a bank, and most neutral cities as well — and talk to one of the bank tellers to access your very own bank vault. If you’ve got materials you’re saving for crafting or gear you’re saving for transmogrification, this is the perfect place to stash it — and clean out your inventory in the process.


Put things in long-term void storage

If you have things you don’t need to access, void storage may be the answer. You can access void storage by talking to a Vaulkeeper in StormwindCity, Orgrimmar, or the Shrine of Two Moons — just ask a guard to direct you if you aren’t sure exactly where they are. You can only store soulbound or account-bound items. Anything else you want to hold on to will have to stay in your bank.


Need more storage? Consider a bank alt!

For players with serious inventory woes, a bank alt may be the way to go. A bank alt isn’t anything special — it’s just a new character you create on your server who exists primarily to give your main character access to another bank’s worth of storage. Once you’ve created this new character, just make a run for the nearest capital city and park it near the mailbox. Your main can send it bags and items you want to hold on to (but don’t have the storage space for), and you can store them in the bank of your bank alt. When you need the items you can just mail them back yourself.

Whatever your reasons for hanging on to the things you collect in game, it’s far too easy to fill up all your available inventory space. So what do you do when you have stuff ?If you are looking for a full guide on all professions and a complete leveling guide for WOW  then check out 


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