The Barbarian’s Motivating Style will weaken in the next PTR patch


In the recent patch 1.08PTR adjustment, the role of skills is one of the core content.The most interesting is enhance the barbarians motivating style effect, in future PTR patch, it’s effect will change back to restore maximum health per second 2%, 4% longer. The purpose of this change is to restore it and other life skills at the same baseline. In addition, its effect will still be able to affect your teammates.

But today the news seems to make a lot of people disappointed, the development team decided that the next patch will return 2% of your maximum Life per second instead of 4%.the player leave very sharp replies in forum comments “I think that will eventually be set at 3%。Development team to adjust the current lack of clear direction and purpose, various attempts seem to be in progress, and then compromise. I hope the new director able to solve this case.

According to this problem Grimiku expressed his views in this issue. Inspiring presence at 4% is too much. it completely invalidates any life regen mod on gear as any vit/%life roll will always yield a far greater life regen than the actual life regen roll.

Making it affect the whole group though is nice. I would suggest extending the range of the group effect as well as allowing it to stack for multiple barbs running inspiring presence but leave it at 2%.

Grimiku: Thanks for the feedback! Based on discussions we’ve seen from players testing Inspiring Presence on the PTR, we’re going to go ahead and change Inspiring Presence back to its previous values. In a future PTR build, it will return 2% of your maximum Life per second instead of 4%. This is being done to keep it in line with other Life regeneration skills.

The blue post says the issue is open for debate, so there’s still hope that they can tack on a shared 4% Attack Speed and 5% Critical hit Chance bonus to Inspiring Presence, to allow the Barb to outdo all of the Follower’s shared bonuses with a single passive skill. Are you satisfied with this rectification?For more information you can visit the official site.


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