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Diablo 3 design team is considering the Possibility of Open World Mode


In Diablo 2 era, when we completed a chapter can through the station return to the previous scene again farm or kill BOSS. But In Diablo 3, you must exit the current game and choose the new task then start. Many players complain that this design causes Farm inconvenient.

Wyatt Cheng later in talking about the future of Diablo 3 interview also said he was very pleased to offer and see no transitions, no story line, open worldfor players to Farm and play games. Now the community manager Grimiku response to the players that the game designers and players at this time the focus is the same.

Just this If we got to act 2, and we join a fresh act 2 game, we can join any area we’ve visited prior to that and all bosses are there again.

If we have finished the game on act 4, we can move across all acts as we want and re-opening a game re-fresh everything. No bound-on-quest. The story-line shouldn’t restrict us from farming as we want.

I don’t really see the problem in switching in between acts. Hell, elites drop the best loot. If someone just loves to slain bosses, he can do so. All bosses available! If someone likes to farm keys, he can do so. Get 5 stacks anywhere across the 4 acts, and then search for all the different key wardens! Why not?

This will increase the replay ability a LOT as you are not forced to re-open games, be restricted to ONE quest to play onward from and not loose all stacks! If you love act 1 but also act 4, you open a game, go to anywhere in a1 and farm your favourite spots, maybe kill the butcher, you love to fight kulle? Then jump to kulle and then straight to act 4 because it is one of your favourite acts! Don’t like every area of act 4 ? You are not forced to play straight through the questline again!

I don’t see much sense in the quest-system as we have it atm but restricting player experience and choice. Maybe I’m a bit oldschool there but I’m quite sure many people would agree on that case.


Wyatt Cheng talked a little bit about making the world of Sanctuary more open in his interview with ArchonTheWizard, but it’s to early to have more details on how it would work. I think this all comes back to having more choices in content (something Travis Day talks about), and that’s something we’re definitely interested in providing more of.

I know a lot of you would like more concrete details on dates, or even a time frame estimate, but I don’t have any to share right now. We’d still prefer to talk about things we’re working on as early as possible rather than remaining silent (caveat: I know there are some of you who may disagree with this approach). That said, I think what Wyatt is talking about sounds pretty awesome, and we’ve seen a bunch of posts from the community on this topic. A lot of you mentioned it would be cool if there was a mode where there was an open world mode with no story, and I think it’s good for you to know that there are senior developers on the same page.For more information you can visit the official site.


More detailed information about Diablo 3 Console Hotkey


The Community Manager Vaeflare tells us more about the hotkeys on console and how some features that stop gameplay affect the coop experience.

1. Does the game pause when my friends (local) trying to change his skill or anything?

1.) If there are only local players in the game, the game will pause when the inventory or skill screens are up. If remote players are also present, the game will not pause.

2. Does stash sharable in local?

2.) If you are signed into your own profile/user for a local game, you get access to your own stash and do not have to share!

3. What are R3/L3 button do?

3.) In gameplay, R3 places a beacon of light over the player’s head. This is particularly useful when coordinating in multiplayer as a way to visually indicate “Over here!” to your group.

L3 has no dedicated function in gameplay – We felt it would be pretty awkward to click down when you also use it for movement.

4. What are D-pad button do?

4.) Pressing the D-pad up while in game will allow you to Fast Equip items. Pressing the D-pad right will cast your Town Portal, and pressing the D-pad down will allow you to access your full-screen map.

5. Can I pause the game without being attacked by anything?

5.) If there are only local players in the game, then yes, the game pauses when the START button is pressed or when the inventory/skill screens are up. If remote players are also present, the game will not be paused.For more information you can visit the official site.

The details of next major expansion Rift 3.0


The biggest feature change to the RIFT is probably free-to-play so far it seems servers are packed with new and returning players. But having hordes of players bouncing between dynamic quests and rift encounters is one thing, keeping them there is another. In an effort to keep their newly bolstered community engaged, developer Trion held a recent livestream in which they teased upcoming updates and features, and gave the first info on the 3.0 expansion.

Four new souls are planned: Support Cleric, Healing Warrior, Tanking Mage and Healing Rogue. You’d be forgiven for suspecting that Rift’s Soul design is based around arbitrarily picking words out of a hat, but in this instance, the added roles fill areas each class has been traditionally weak. The hope is to further expand the flexibility of styles on offer.

Other improvements will see a more customisable weapon and armour upgrade system, with more scope to define your style, and an increased role for companion pets. In addition, Dimensions will get an upgrade, with Trion looking to give player-owned housing more purpose.


The second expansion to the award winning Rift will be called Planes of Water where players can expect underwater and frozen zones. As to how many zones that will be available, Trion World did not specify.For more information you can visit the official site.

Guild Wars 2 the second phase Guide to Dragon Bash

GW2 Client had updated on June 18,in this update Dragon Bash will enter the second phase,the second phase of the Dragon Bash will be divided into three days to render,during this time you will get new awards and the rest achievements of unlock Dragon Bash.


Available Tuesday, June 18th

Because June 18 activities have finished so we will not introduce the detail

Available Wednesday, June 19th

A mysterious message will send you to seek out private investigator Marjory Delaqua in the Dead End, a bar in the Eastern Commons of Divinity’s Reach. After her cinematic introduction, head back to Lion’s Arch to investigate. All of the story instances will be single-player.

Talk to Investigator Kiel in the Grand Piazza to enter the Scene of the Crime, a single-player instance. After a scene between Marjory and Kiel, talk to Marjory to obtain an Investigation Kit. With the help of the kit, you’ll be able to exonerate five of the murder suspects.

A message from Marjory indicates that three of the suspects have been located. The ogre Vorrk in Lion’s Arch, the quaggan Morraloo in BloodtideCoast and the skritt Kasparak in Gendarran Fields.

Upon finding Vorrk’s body, use the Investigation Kit to collect arcane residue evidence. Morraloo and Kasparak are found alive; you should be able to talk them into returning to Lion’s Arch for investigation.

Available Thursday, June 20th

Next, another mail from Marjory indicates that the last two suspect have been found: Trembling Song in Snowden Drifts and Astorra in CaledonForest. Again, these suspects won’t need to be taken by force.

Return to the Grand Piazza and talk to Kiel to enter the Scene of the Crime again. Marjory will retune her Investigation Kit for the combined arcane residue of all of the collected samples. Upon retesting the suspects, all suspects will be exonerated except for one. When that suspect is scanned, their hands will glow with arcane residue. Revealed, the suspect will confess and call down their crew to cover their escape.

After defeating the attack, talking with Kiel will complete the story and give you Marjory’s Journal. Marjory will tell you she’s heading back to Divinity’s Reach.

If you return to the Dead End bar, Marjory and Kasmeer will each have a small, optional follow-up conversation with you.


New Rewards

Marjory’s Journal, which Kiel will give you after you’ve exonerated all but one of the suspects, will allow you to watch Marjory’s introductory cinematic with Logan Thackeray and Kasmeer Meade.

New Achievements

Four new achievements will be available. These will need to be completed in order: Ceremony and Acrimony, Hard Boiled, Every Piece Matters and No More Secrets. A fifth achievement, Case Closed, helps track the story, but does not count towards the The Dragon Bash Experience meta-achievement.If you are looking for a full guide on all professions and a complete leveling guide for GW2 then check out

Diablo 3 host version will include all content of 1.07



As we know the current PC version number of Diablo 3 is 1.0.8. Although the community manager has given several answers for the content of Diablo 3 host version, but still the official community players are curious on the motherboard what version when it’s on sale. Community manager Lylirra made answer to this, and let us know some new about the content of host version

When showing the PS3 version of diablo 3 for the first time I find is 1.0.7 content, but I don’t remember clearly. Maybe just an expectation – I like 1.0.8 h. in the buff. Host’s version of “diablo 3” will include 1.0.7 so far all the content (including Paragon level that is to say, monster intensity, a duel, purgatory, and our game objects, systems and skills make the adjustment). There also some 1.0.8 content, such as online rewards – will also come on.

Density of host version of monster special done adjust, that is to say this point and PC version is different, but when you play to purgatory difficulty monster density will increase gradually.For more information  about game you can visit the official site.

This Tuesday Guild Wars 2 will hold the Effigy Lighting Ceremony


Guild Wars 2 Living World team hope players have a better gaming experience so Coming up this Tuesday, on June 18 the Dragon Bash festivities continue with the Effigy Lighting Ceremony; a new single-player instance appropriately named Memories on the Pyre.

The major cultures across Tyria have sent their ambassadors to Lion’s Arch, to represent each race at a ceremony where they symbolically destroy the dragons by lighting effigies on fire. It’s an honor for the representatives, many of whom have had suffered personal loss because of the dragons’ wrath.

The kodan representative, Trembling Song, walked from Frostgorge Sound just to attend. The asura sent Izurri, the honors graduate from the College of Dynamics. The chosen gift-bearer from the Hylek tribes is Ceaoloti. These representatives and more have gathered in Lion’s Arch to pay tribute to those who have fallen and to strengthen their resolve to not live in fear of the dragons, to unite to bring them down. Magnus the Bloody-handed will be around to crack jokes, and Captains “Bonny” Anne Reid, Tokk, and Theo Ashford will pump up the crowd for the ceremonial lighting.

The effigy lighting ceremony will kick off the next part of  Dragon Bash story – be sure to join in the celebration!For more information you can visit the official site.2

PC Diablo III May Get Some Functions from the Host Version


In an interview with Diablo Somepage, the recently promoted Diablo III Game Director Josh Mosqueira was joined by Game Designer Travis Day and Lead Designer Kevin Martens. The three of them discussed how those features might be copied from the console to the PC, the differences between the PC and console versions of Diablo III, and a number of other topics about the game. Read on for the details, in this first part of interview with the Diablo III developers.

Taking Features From Console to PC

Josh Mosqueira said that certain features, such as the orbs that provide 10-second character buffs in the console versions, may eventually be ported to the PC version. “Once people get their hands on the console game and start learning more about it, when it comes out in September – I think if there are certain aspects of it that our PC community says, ‘Hey, we would like to try some of this stuff out’, I think we would be open to considering some of those changes.”

This could also include changes to the boss fights in Diablo III. Kevin Martens said, “Every time we make something as heavily scripted as some of the boss fights are, we always think of better versions after we ship. We always love to go back and fix some of that content.” While noting that it wasn’t necessarily a high priority to immediately update the PC version of the bosses, he said that changes to the boss fights seen on the console versions of Diablo III could make their way to the PC. “When you get your hands on the console game, you’ll find that improvements have been made to some of the boss fights; some of those could possibly be rolled back into the PC version in the future.”

Console Diablo III: Developed in Tandem for the Xbox 360 and PS3

The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Diablo III were developed in tandem, and the two versions have the same feature set. It was important to provide essentially the same experience for the two console versions, Mosqueira said. “Even though we have this really great relationship with Sony, we wanted to make sure that we treated all our console players equally.”

One area where the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Diablo III are both the same is in their lack of a public website to display console Diablo III characters and accounts, that Blizzard provides for the PC Diablo III players on Mosqueira said that those type of character displays are “an important part of the Blizzard experience,” but that for now, players on the console versions will be limited to viewing characters on their friend’s list in the console game network. “Unfortunately for Sony and the PlayStation Network, and for Xbox Live – they’re great platforms, but we haven’t been able to really get that level of interconnection between our and those platforms. So for the time being, we won’t have a public website where you can see your cool profiles,” he said.

That may change when Diablo III is brought to the PS4. “Potentially for the next-gen platforms, we may have a bigger emphasis on these social features; we want to see if we could try to do something like that,” Mosqueira said.

Juggling the PC and Console Diablo III Development

The changes seen in the console Diablo III, compared to the original PC game, are found throughout the entire game. They include a very different control and movement scheme on the console, as well as overhauled skills, an Evade rolling move to quickly dodge out of harm’s way, and a different pace to the monsters throughout the game. An entirely new multiplayer co-op mode offers the ability for four players to play Diablo III together in one location, from a single PS3 or Xbox 360. Combined together, these changes create a game that is instantly familiar to a PC Diablo III player, but fresh in its approach. For Mosqueira, all the changes made when taking the PC Diablo III and wrangling it into the consoles were done for a single reason: “To make the best Diablo console game we can.”

So Diablo III was developed first on the PC, and is arriving in a different form on a number of consoles. Some features from those console versions may make their way back around and end up on the PC side. But despite the cross-over between the console and PC, Diablo III Game Director Josh Mosqueira wants to have each team focused on making the best game for their respective platforms. Can the Diablo III development teams provide equally compelling games going forward, for both console and PC gamers? What will the future of Diablo III bring, aside from the Xbox 360 and PS3 console release on September 3?For more information about game you can visit the official site.