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DOFUS update 2.9 and KROSMASTER Arena

Ankama released DOFUS update 2.9 and KROSMASTER Arena, the first expansion shared by DOFUS and WAKFU. DOFUS update 2.9 consists in the addition of important new functionalities that will considerably enhance players’ in-game experience:dof1_副本


1.Achievement system: Achievements correspond to the hallmarks of a DOFUS characters’ life.

2.Character personalization: players will have several new options of character personalization at their disposal.

3New equipment: 24 new items of level 190 or more are introduced in the game

4.Titles and Ornaments: a new interface dedicated to the management of Titles and Ornaments has been introduced.

5.Maturing resources: a new system for harvestable resources that will ease exploration has been added.

6.DOFUS client performances optimization.

In addition, KwismasIsland is also opening its gate to all players with dungeons, a petmount, quests and a lot more for players to enjoy. You can visit the dedicated page of the event on