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Guild Wars 2’s Nightmares Within goes live November 12th


ArenaNet announced the details of Guild Wars 2’s next Living Story November 12th update: The Nightmares Within. Furthering the story of the Nightmare Court teaming up with the Krait, this update brings a slew of new updates and a heavy metal song creation contest to boot. Let’s talk about what’s coming to GW2 with this update.

New Events

Lingering Poison: Though the Tower of Nightmares has been breached, the Toxic Alliance’s nefarious presence remains. Players will find that Kessex Hills and the surrounding countryside still are befouled by poisonous pollen.

Face The Nightmares Within: Special encounters await players brave enough to enter rooms within the Tower of Nightmares. What will they find? Agents of the evil Scarlet Briar? Or something much more insidious? Only one thing is certain: strength, determination and resilience will be required to survive.

The End of Nightmares?: Marjory Delaqua, the human detective, developed a special antitoxin to destroy the deadly menace at the heart of the Tower of Nightmares, but the team she dispatched to inject it never returned. Players will get their chance to pick up the fight and succeed where those before them failed.

New Rewards

Antitoxic Fashion: Players completing the meta achievement for The Nightmares Within will unlock a special Gasmask Skin that features the latest design in air purification and toxin prevention. This universal skin can be applied to any piece of head armor.

Exclusive Looks: Players can complete their wardrobes with a new Air Filtration Device – a dry-land version of the starter aquatic helm – or get the new Toxic Spore back item.

Minis: Players can earn two new Toxic Krait minis – one by destroying Toxic Alliance foes, the other by killing a special enemy hidden deep in the heart of the Tower of Nightmares.

Tri-Key Chest: Players collecting three keys – either from foes within the Tower of Nightmares or by bartering for them with Marjory Delaqua’s helper, Dee – can open the chest for a chance to win special treasures.


To top things off, ArenaNet is hosting a Rock the Nightmare music video contest. Break out your best editing skills to create a one-minute video for the song “The Nightmares Within,” which can be found on ArenaNet’s Soundcloud, and you could win a 3D-printed GW2 guitar or some SteelSeries gaming gear! If you are looking for a full guide on all professions and a complete leveling guide for GW2 then check out 



The Super Adventure Box comes back to Guild Wars 2 next week


04 Super Adventure Box

The summer holidays are nearing end, Guild Wars 2 players, prepare to go back to school to take part in one of the most enjoyable side areas in the entire game, the Super Adventure Box, where players get to explore an 8-bit world crafted by the Asuran genius Moto, filled with fun, adventure, and references to classic video games.

The rumors are true: Super Adventure Box is coming back to Guild Wars 2 for a 2013 encore event! The next content update for the game won’t merely trot out the old April Fools Day content for another go, but will also add several new levels and challenges.

When players return to the retro-themed game-within-a-game, they’ll have the chance to push onward into World 2 with several new levels and a terrifying end boss: the Storm Wizard. ArenaNet is also adding a new Tribulation Mode for those who like a challenge, more super weapon skins, boss weapons, and the chance to craft a Princess Miya mini.

The forthcoming update isn’t just about the Super Adventure Box; players will be able to craft ascended weapons and push up to 500 skill points in weaponsmith, artificer, and huntsman crafting. Legendary weapons will be buffed and magic find will be stripped away from all gear in favor of adding it as an account-wide bonus.

Players can get an early look at the update by joining a livestream with ArenaNet developers on Tuesday, Sept. 3, at noon (PDT) on the Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel.

Play Guild Wars 2 for FREE August 23 – 25, 2013


NCsoft and developer ArenaNet said on Friday that Guild Wars 2 has become the all-time fastest-selling MMORPG in Europe and North America. If you’ve been holding off on trying it, though, then this weekend might be your moment. Guild Wars 2 will be hosting a free-to-play weekend beginning at 12:01 a.m. on August 23 and running until 11:59 p.m. on August 25 (PDT). All you’ll need to get started is your name, email address, birth date, and an alias.

Guild Wars 2, like its predecessor, operates on a single purchase and forgoes ongoing subscription fees. Expansive story content, dynamic public events, and world-versus-world PvP modes offer lots of stuff to do, so you’ll only be able to see a fraction of the content in a weekend’s worth of time.

You can over to the Guild Wars 2 site to read up on the game, check out our review, or go straight to the registration page to get signed up.

So crazy Guild Wars celebrates Wintersday in summer



Are you going to be any special events for this summer? The classic Guild Wars is taking a break from reminding us that it still exists and is quite fun too by throwing an encore of its Wintersday celebration. Wintersday in July began yesterday and will continue until July 31st.

There are plenty of activities to enjoy, including the snowball arena. The game will also drop plenty of cool rewards like fruitcake. OK, the game will also drop plenty of cool rewards except for fruitcake, which is nasty and evil to its sticky core. So egg nog it up with your fellow Tyrians for the next week because the hot weather is coming back!

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Top ten websites GW2 players worth Collecting


So what should you do if you want to know the latest news about Guild Wars 2?It’s surprising how many people who play Guild Wars 2 know so little about some of the best websites for a game they play countless hours of. In this list, we provide you with ten of the best –There are of course more than this, the fact is we only give you an indicator as to what websites worth GW2 players collecting.

Kill Ten Rats

Technically KTR (as it’s more commonly known) covers much more than Guild Wars 2. Ravious however is a long time, staunch supporter of the game. Not only this, but he’s a brilliant writer and his editorials are always topical and food for thought.


A busy, bustling community that is first for Guild Wars 2 news while also being great for discussions. If that wasn’t good enough, they’re actually a friendly bunch who are quick to help and support one another. Should you ever need anything answering about the game, or if you simply want to waste several hours reading through excellent topics, look no further.

An accurate and well presented event timer. With the ability to choose your server and overlay the graphics onto the game, it’s a great support tool for farming events when you’ve achievements to complete or money to earn.

Passionately run by Tilion in and out of game, it is a homage to the game at a truly fan level. With some excellent editorials, a busy forum and a ludicrously active twitter it’s well worth visiting regularly.

With a beautiful website, an excellent focus on lore and passionately run by Ollannach, GuildMag is regularly worth visiting. What makes GuildMag stand out however, is their e-magazine that anyone can freely download. It’s well worth reading.

Visually stunning, niche and lovingly written, is a breath of fresh air against the miriad of sites out in cyber space. Simple and elegant in it’s delivery of content.

I’m not sure Dulfy is a ‘lone ranger’ in the creation of all her content spanning multiple games, but it cannot be disputed that the guides produced are timely, accurate and most importantly, benefiting the communities they are aimed at. With an easily navigated website and optimal wording/image use, it’s a great support network for anyone who doesn’t want to spend time getting to grips with content.

As the mandatory place to go when looking for a group (until ArenaNet implement their own), GW2lfg is ideal if you love to run dungeons or fractals.


Although I prefer GoldWars2 (unfortunately it requires a subscription to use) as an accurate tracker of all things Trading Post, you really can’t got wrong with spidy. Updated often, while remaining a corner stone of many wheeler and dealers, it really is a must for anyone wanting to flip their way to a profit.


Where would many of us be without the Guild Wars 2 Wikipedia? Updated instantly by the community and a treasure trove of lore, statistics and information, I’ve lost count of the hours I’ve spent researching skills and traits.

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Guild Wars 2 towards the development of e-sports: Hold First Test Cup

The last few weeks, Guild Wars 2 announced several new features – Custom Arenas and Spectator Mode, It may indicate that Guild Wars 2 towards the development of e-sports field.

In order to check the interest of players in the Guild Wars 2 eSport matches, the Guild Wars 2 authority cooperates with ESL to host a Test Cup with a BO3 format of 5V5. The maps are Forest of Niflhel, Legacy of the Foefire, Battle of Khylo.


Forest of Niflhel


Legacy of the Foefire


Battle of Khylo

Sign up: June 13 to June 30.
Slots: 16 teams


About ESL

ESL is short for Electronic Sports League.

Electronic Sports League, a renowned European eSport organization

With the short name ESL, the Electronic Sports League is a famous European eSport organization. Founded in 1997, it is now in charge of some well-known tournaments such as Go4 and IEM (Intel Extreme Masters).

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Guild Wars 2 the second phase Guide to Dragon Bash

GW2 Client had updated on June 18,in this update Dragon Bash will enter the second phase,the second phase of the Dragon Bash will be divided into three days to render,during this time you will get new awards and the rest achievements of unlock Dragon Bash.


Available Tuesday, June 18th

Because June 18 activities have finished so we will not introduce the detail

Available Wednesday, June 19th

A mysterious message will send you to seek out private investigator Marjory Delaqua in the Dead End, a bar in the Eastern Commons of Divinity’s Reach. After her cinematic introduction, head back to Lion’s Arch to investigate. All of the story instances will be single-player.

Talk to Investigator Kiel in the Grand Piazza to enter the Scene of the Crime, a single-player instance. After a scene between Marjory and Kiel, talk to Marjory to obtain an Investigation Kit. With the help of the kit, you’ll be able to exonerate five of the murder suspects.

A message from Marjory indicates that three of the suspects have been located. The ogre Vorrk in Lion’s Arch, the quaggan Morraloo in BloodtideCoast and the skritt Kasparak in Gendarran Fields.

Upon finding Vorrk’s body, use the Investigation Kit to collect arcane residue evidence. Morraloo and Kasparak are found alive; you should be able to talk them into returning to Lion’s Arch for investigation.

Available Thursday, June 20th

Next, another mail from Marjory indicates that the last two suspect have been found: Trembling Song in Snowden Drifts and Astorra in CaledonForest. Again, these suspects won’t need to be taken by force.

Return to the Grand Piazza and talk to Kiel to enter the Scene of the Crime again. Marjory will retune her Investigation Kit for the combined arcane residue of all of the collected samples. Upon retesting the suspects, all suspects will be exonerated except for one. When that suspect is scanned, their hands will glow with arcane residue. Revealed, the suspect will confess and call down their crew to cover their escape.

After defeating the attack, talking with Kiel will complete the story and give you Marjory’s Journal. Marjory will tell you she’s heading back to Divinity’s Reach.

If you return to the Dead End bar, Marjory and Kasmeer will each have a small, optional follow-up conversation with you.


New Rewards

Marjory’s Journal, which Kiel will give you after you’ve exonerated all but one of the suspects, will allow you to watch Marjory’s introductory cinematic with Logan Thackeray and Kasmeer Meade.

New Achievements

Four new achievements will be available. These will need to be completed in order: Ceremony and Acrimony, Hard Boiled, Every Piece Matters and No More Secrets. A fifth achievement, Case Closed, helps track the story, but does not count towards the The Dragon Bash Experience meta-achievement.If you are looking for a full guide on all professions and a complete leveling guide for GW2 then check out