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Mobile Game market increasingly popular

According to Newzoo latest report : at present there are 500 million global mobile phone gamers ,last year the mobile game market a total of $ 9,000,000,000. the growth rate is very prominent, In 2012, the annual growth rate of the overall market is 32%, while the United States increased by 16%.


Five key market trend

1.Five years ago, Game mainly through the host platform and PC platform, but now, with the popularity of smart phones and tablet, players’ money and time put in the mobile game increased significantly.

2. Free Games is the second key trend of mobile gaming

3. Game is service. In order to let players invest more time to get the income, the Issue businessman must continue to retain players.

4. To balance the business model must constantly optimize the game for free players get pleasure and seize paying subscribers at the same time.

5. The emerging market has become a necessary part of the game company strategy.

newzoo pointed out that Britain has the highest fees users, 38% of British mobile games  are paying players.Currently 33% of the smart machine and tablet downloads from the game download, 66% of the revenue from the game.

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