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RIFT servers to merge on Wednesday October 23rd


According to the news piece posted yesterday, another round of server merges is on the horizon for Telarans. Seven servers will be shoved into existing populations to support healthier numbers but there is another motive for the forced merges.  The merge will facilitate servers being able to support multiple languages at a later date.

Develops speak to next week’s server unification process, where regional servers will be created to make the game more robust for players looking for larger populations.

First, it means that the pool of people that you can play with is even bigger. Random dungeons will once again be random across the entire population of the region, warfronts will have a larger pool to draw from for match making, Conquest will have more folks to slaughter, and it will be even easier to visit your friends on other servers!

Second, this merge will see a move towards “truly international worlds” for the game where multiple languages will be seamlessly supported on the same shard. A brief FAQ also addresses dupe character and guild names, with Trion offering free name changes for those moved characters and guilds.

The merges begin during the normal scheduled downtime for North America on Wednesday, October 23 and for Europe on Thursday, October 24. If you are looking for a full guide on all professions and a complete leveling guide for RIFT then check out 


The details of next major expansion Rift 3.0


The biggest feature change to the RIFT is probably free-to-play so far it seems servers are packed with new and returning players. But having hordes of players bouncing between dynamic quests and rift encounters is one thing, keeping them there is another. In an effort to keep their newly bolstered community engaged, developer Trion held a recent livestream in which they teased upcoming updates and features, and gave the first info on the 3.0 expansion.

Four new souls are planned: Support Cleric, Healing Warrior, Tanking Mage and Healing Rogue. You’d be forgiven for suspecting that Rift’s Soul design is based around arbitrarily picking words out of a hat, but in this instance, the added roles fill areas each class has been traditionally weak. The hope is to further expand the flexibility of styles on offer.

Other improvements will see a more customisable weapon and armour upgrade system, with more scope to define your style, and an increased role for companion pets. In addition, Dimensions will get an upgrade, with Trion looking to give player-owned housing more purpose.


The second expansion to the award winning Rift will be called Planes of Water where players can expect underwater and frozen zones. As to how many zones that will be available, Trion World did not specify.For more information you can visit the official site.

The simple introduction of the Rift Wedding System

Rift abandon the traditional rules, game players can married with favorite objects, Marriage partners does not require the same race or heterosexual, so players how to get married? Following describes marriage process.

To hold a wedding ceremony, you need Wedding Coordinators. For Defiants, this will be Quchi Bora on the bottom floor of Orphiel’s Spire. Guardians will find their Coordinator, Lada Freen, towards the back of Mariel-Taun’s Village. Coordinators sell a Wedding Planner for ten gold, a book with extensive instructions on in-game matrimony and the wedding instances (such as how to invite up to 200 guests). A Marriage Contract is also available for one plat.

Wedding Plannern 1 Marriage Contract  2

Holding a wedding


Marriage Ceremony is always filled with happiness. With a marriage ceremony instance from the marriage coordinator for five plats, you can enter it by right-clicking the ceremony item. Your love and you must speak to the coordinators to designate which will be the applicant of the Sun and the Moon, and then the official can be spoken to at the altar to begin the wedding. When it comes time to give your vows, one of you must use your Marriage Contract on the other to ask if he or she wants to be married. Using the /kiss emote on each other will then conclude the ceremony. All players in attendance will get the Wedding Witness achievement, including the newlywed couple! The couple will also receive a Gold Wedding Ring each.



What’s more, there is a reception area with cake, a feast and wedding gifts after ceremony. All players inside the ceremony instance can interact with these items. However, the ceremony instance is completely optional. You can just use the Marriage Contract on your love. Obviously, you will spend several plats (one of the currencies in Rift, more expensive then gold) in marrying your love in Rift., Not married? Quickly come tonight the white ceremony attire free to you !

For more information you can visit the official site.


RIFT: After Wade, who is the second American Pie super player



On the day of the Academy Awards, the internationally famous movie star, Maggie Q microblogging gave fans a suspense surprise; 24 hours later, following the first “super players Dwyane Wade, the plan of” space-time rift “American Pie” super players “also surfaced, she is had been media speculation to MaggieQ ,this speculation has been transformed into the “space-time rift” formally signed.

MaggieQ a Vietnamese half-breed successfully break into the international market, due in 2002 starred in “Naked Weapon” starring rising popularity of U.S. drama “Nikita” in 2010, become an internationally renowned movie star. It is reported that Wade endorsement “space-time rift traced contract fee exceeds ten million dollars, while, With MaggieQ popularity signing fee should also not be too low.

With the step-by-step plan of American Pie exposure, and according to the official news released earlier, the space-time rift “super players is a well-known singer in the United States, so stay tuned to follow up reports of igshops

RIFT: Appreciate Winners’ Masterpiece-Sweetheart

Days ago U.S. version organized the activities called Joy Of Dimensions,While the top two voted postions were not a surprise, third place was not the expected result.  Somehow overnight, ~Sweethearts~ by Kitasia had dropped off third place to be replaced with Enoki Lounge.  The reason for this became clear when ~Sweethearts~ was announced as the grand prize recipient.

Without further ado, lets meet the winners!

This bedroom suite is soft and feminine.  Pinks, whites and blues predominate.



Small details, like the use of decorative red sweetberries to mimick embroidery



Wedding items are featured extensively in ~Sweethearts~ giving a coordinated and cohesive look to the dimension.



Light, airy, filled with colour and detail, this is the look that won Kitasia the grand prize.


Kitasia has focused on building a home for herself including  building, furniture and garden.  Every part of her build contributes to that one idea with no distractions or deviations, Visiting Kitasia’s home certainly puts the joy into The Joy Of Dimensions.  Congratulations, Kitasia, on your win.  It’s very well deserved.

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RIFT 2.2 : Carnival of The Ascended comes next week


The new year is beginning, RIFT has released enough content updates to leave other MMOs in the dust. Everyone begin to celebrate the most extravagant World Event Carnival,The carnival celebrating the anniversary of your return arrives next week in Update 2.2 – with all new games, zone events, and prizes to win it’s sure to be a fun and festive time.

But the Carnival of the Ascended is not all you have to look forward to in 2.2, as usual RIFT has done their best to stuff it full of awesome updates & improvements and that doesn’t even include the work they’ve been doing in Hot Fixes since the start of the year.


Here’s what you have to look forward to:

Codex: Wheel of Fate alt mode warfront

Carnival of the Ascended World Event

Tier 2 PvP Planar Attunement

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