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Quick and Efficiency tips to help you better succeed in SWTOR 2.3


The Old Republic since Rise of the Hutt Cartel hit the servers. BioWare calls Update 2.3 Titans of Industry; somebody call it Czerka. they’ve been on and off test center for the last few weeks, checking out not only the latest zone planet CZ-198 but also the Bounty Contract Week, and figured that since you guys will likely be jumping right into this new content, so I will give you a few tips of my own to help you better succeed in this new venture.

Disclaimer: These quick and efficiency tips are not endorsed by Czerka Corporation, the GalacticRepublic, the Sith Empire, or their affiliates.

1.Group up   

The quests on CZ-198 are not difficult. Any level 55 in just about any gear should be able to handle the questlines. However, today and likely most of the next few weeks, the planet will be crowded. BioWare offsets a lot of the congestion by instancing once the zone hits approximately 100 characters on a given faction. But the area we have to play in is still small. In square footage, it’s probably the same size as the Corellian Black Hole daily area, but it’s divided into multiple floors, making it seem that much more crowded. Grouping up allows you share kills in the tiny space. All the containers looted or destroyed by one player count for all the players in the group, so there is less fighting over spawns.

2. Kill all the mobs

If you’re in less-than-optimal gear, as my Assassin on test center was, these little buggers can cause you a major headache if you happen to be knocked into them. I’d suggest killing them first before taking on the anti-toxin container.

3.Do the flashpoints 

Here’s another tip that might seem to be a no-brainer, but I know there are people who are either intimidated by flashpoints or feel they are a waste of time. In all honesty, the flashpoints (especially the first one) can be completed solo if set to story mode and you have raid-level gear. Since you’re already in a group (see tip #1), it’s really just a quick ten-minute run per flashpoint. It’d be a shame to miss out on the rep items you can gain by completing the weekly quest.

4.  Run dilies on multiple characters 

If you don’t have time, I wouldn’t suggest that you make time to run dailies. However, that Czerka Executive Cruiser looks real shiny and requires Legend standing with Ordnance Acquisition Corps (Imperial) or The Adjudicators (Republic). Given the optimal situation, I estimate that it will take six weeks’ worth of reputation items to reach that level. The more characters that you run it on, the more likely you will be able to complete the rep grind in six weeks.

5.Don`t forget the macrobinocular quest

What? A macrobinocular quest in the new daily area? Yes. And you can complete it on each of your level 55 characters who have the macrobinocular item. You get a minipet, which is cool if you like minipets, but most importantly, you earn a purple rep item just for wandering around clicking on things. Of course, you can still gain a maximum of only 13563 rep points a week, but having more purple rep items reduces the number of grindy quest that you have to do in the long run.

Hope these tips help you out! I know dailies aren’t the most exciting thing to do, but unlike the daily area on Makeb, this daily area is quick and easy. The dailies themselves should only take about 15 to 20 minutes, and the once-a-week flashpoint run shouldn’t be too exhausting or grindy. Have you been playing on test center? What are your quick and efficiency tips?


Star Wars: Ancient Hypergate PVP Warzone in patch 1.6


The another excuse for psychokinetic light-stick wielders to beat each other silly, the anticipated Ancient Hypergate Warzone arena for Star Wars: The Old Republic’s PVP pugilists hits servers tomorrow as part of patch 1.6. Subscribers can warp in straight away after routine maintenance ends at 6am PST/2pm GMT, but free-to-play warriors will have to plunk down Cartel Coins for access.


The Hypergate’s objectives involve powering each side’s Stargate-like portal through a most maliciously medieval energy source: the souls of the slain. Pile up the corpse count high enough, and your team can call in “deadly reinforcements” through the gate which presumably are Anubis aliens and a very confused James Spader.


The first major update since 1.5′s introduction of the meatbag-melting HK-51 companion and Section X daily area, 1.6 also introduces six new heroic space missions and improves the Group Finder tool’s usability with recommended gear level indicators for tougher Flashpoints.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic’s next story a hostile Hutts

The Old Republic’s not-so-near-at-all galaxy already learned the result of Force pushing over a Hutt’s sanity in the Karagga’s Palace Operation, but more attacks from the giant spendy slugs could become a part of everyone’s destiny. In an interview with Massively, BioWare writer Hall Hood hinted of a future story update involving an uprising instigated by the typically neutral Hutt Cartel and a mysterious “Shroud” connected with the Dread Masters, the current gang of antagonists.

For decades since the Sith Empire returned to war against the Republic, the Hutt Cartel has been content to watch from the sidelines and profit from the chaos,” Hood said. “That’s all about to change, and the fallout from the Hutts’ actions will have long-term consequences for the entire galaxy.

The Old Republic’s latest end-game content, Asation, pits players against an interdimensional Terror from Beyond unleashed by the Dread Masters as a friendly “hello” to both the Empire and Republic. Dogged by plateauing subscriber numbers, EA launched a free-to-play option earlier this month with a microtransactional item shop featuring cosmetic accessories and unlockable content.

“The Dread Masters aren’t finished yet, either. They’re about to unleash something terrible that only the galaxy’s most powerful defenders have any hope of stopping. If I tell you any more, the Shroud will have me eliminated for talking. Who is this ‘Shroud,’ you ask? Oh, you’ll see….”

SWTOR Players Can Get Additional Quickbars

The SWTOR development team have been keeping a close eye on the comments from the F2P community. After listening to feedback from the fans, BioWare announced that those players who pay for preferred status will get two additional quickbars with next week’s patch, bringing the total to four quickbars.

We want to let you know that we are constantly listening to you folks, and we’ve heard your feedback regarding limited Quickbars for Preferred Status Players.
This is why, after an upcoming patch that is scheduled for next week, Preferred Status Players will be given two additional Quickbars (for a total of four) that will immediately improve their gameplay experience.
We’ll have more details for you – including information for Preferred Status Players that have already purchased extra Quickbars – once the change goes live.
Thanks again for your feedback and please continue to provide it for us!

Read the full update notes here


Star Wars: The Old Republic makes the jump to free today

BioWares story-driven MMO from a galaxy far, far away, Star WarsThe Old Republic, is available for no credits starting today. Free players will be subject to some restrictions, but its worth noting that the entirety of all eight class stories, running from level one to level 50, are available without dropping a cent. So if youre only really interested in the KotOR 3-ish content, you shouldnt have to worry about the siren call of the cash shop.

If you havent been following the continuing saga behind this transition, you can read about how the new business model is going to work, and how the restrictions on free players were tweaked thanks to community feedback. And if youre among those who just cant cope with this change, maybe this will make you feel better.

Let us know in the comments if youre planning on returning to TOR or checking out for the first time now that its, you know, free.

Star Wars: The Old Republic : First State of the Game Letter Posted

Star WarsThe Old Republic has a new feature for player to enjoy in the form of a State of the Game letter from Executive Producer Jeff Hickman. In the inaugural edition, Hickman talks about how the team came to the decision to move SWTOR to a free-to-play revenue model, why developers are leaving BioWare, bugs and Oceania among other topics.

Answer: People leave for a lot of reasons. Some have worked on the project for 6+ years and are simply tired and want to go work on something else. Others may not agree with the direction that the game is heading – Free-to-Play is not for everyone and requires a big shift in thinking and culture within the studio. Still others do not have the right skills for the roles that we have as the studio evolves and changes. When any single person leaves, whether we make the decision or they do, it is difficult, but the studio and game live on and thrive as we change, actually thrive because we change. The core of what makes the game and studio great are still here; quality in our game and in our workplace, people that are passionate about both, a camaraderie with each other that helps us support one another, and key people like James Ohlen (who was at BioWare from the very start) who continue to help us carry the banner of BioWare and who are dedicated to help evolve and improve Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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