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Swtor: updated others to improve Free-to-Play option

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Swtor had launched one of the biggest initiatives on November 15th in game, the new Free-to-Play option has allowed.

When Game Update 1.5 hit Public Test Server (PTS), they increased Quickbars from one to two for Free-to-Play, and  increased Warzones from three to five per week, and reduced the temporary bind on Cartel Market items. Starting today, Players will see an increase to their default Quickbars from two (2) to four (4). they will be refunding your Cartel Coins for any Quickbar-related if you had purchased. additionally, the players will have a total of six character slots. and 50 character limit on Global Active Characters for Subscribers will be removed in the late days.

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Rift: Storm Legion Review In Progress Part 4

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The final installment of Rift: Storm Legion review in progress part 4:

1. The Rough Spots (Week 4):  I did not experience any rough spots over the past week that I have not previously addressed.  With the holiday now behind us it appears Trion is back in business in this storm legion, Since our last Review in Progress they have released another hot fix stomping out more bugs, solving the great rested experience heist, and fixing broken quest lines.

2. The Shiny Spots (Week 4):  Two features that I would consider the shiniest of the shiny are the new souls, one for each calling; and dimensions.  First let’s tackle the new souls. Including four features, The Harbinger,The Tempest,The Tactician,The Defiler, more details review here

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Rift: The thinking of storm legion in progress part 3

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Storm Legion Review in progress part 3 focusing bugs, customer service, dungeons and more. See what you think before leaving a comment or two.

The first: The Rough Spots

I think the bugs are more frequently than I would have expected, and not the kind of bugs you can kill in game, While most of the bugs I have encountered are not game-breaking a handful are more than just minor irritants. What also really surprises me is Trion’s customer service, not very quick de al with this questions and events in progress part 3

The second: The Shiny Spots

While on first glance failing to complete a dungeon might seem like a bad thing, but honestly I’m happy that the dungeons are difficult enough that the risk of failure actually exists in rift game. With the last batch of 50 experts so out-geared it is nice to finally step back…

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Guild Wars 2: Recalling the lost coast, will develop a better event

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Greetings Heroes of Tyria.

Last weekend guild wars 2 released our free LostShores mini-expansion, thanks for many players excellent feedback, our goal is to deliver content of the highest quality. guild wars 2 want to extend a huge “thank you” to all of the players who attended the LostShores event over the weekend.

Here’s a general rundown of what GW 2 are working towards over the upcoming months:  1. Revamping all of our existing dungeons (Story and Explorable versions) through rebalance and overhauled encounters.  2. Adding new dungeons to the Fractal of the Mists.  3. Adding more variation to creatures, enhancing our open world scaling system, as well as evolving many events and experiences across Tyria.  4. Fixing and improving existing content throughout the game, and better tying it into the overall sense of player progression within GW 2 Gold.  5. Building on the Southsun Cove’s persistent content.  6:…

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GW2: Reserved Names Will Be Released On Nov 8th

Weve got good news: That time has arrived and all reserved names will be released next week, November 8th, at 2:00 PM PST (23:00 CET). If you have a character name reserved from Guild Wars and havent gotten around to making that character in Guild Wars 2, this is the time to do so.

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Let the RIFT: Storm Legion Open BETA Begin!

Actually it has already begun, as you may know, but just a reminder that you can get into the RIFT: Storm Legion Open BETA right now and experience all the goodness in anticipation for itsNovember 13th release.

The BETA has been extended to run until November 7th at 10am PST, in case you know, youre doing other things this weekend. But youre also invited to play the entire time =)

Secondly, even if you do not have a level capped player, you can still experience the high-level content found in Storm Legion. Talk to Fluffy” at the beginning of the Tutorial, then again after hes transported you to your capital city – complete his quest to level up and get appropriate gear for Storm Legion!

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