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To celebrate the 4th anniversary Aion will host special activities for the entire September



Are you excited about the upcoming anniversary events in Aion? Aion is the NCsoft’s massively multiplayer online role-playing game .The staff will host in-game special events and activities for the entire month to celebrate the fourth anniversary of its western release.

The developers have multiple in-game events set to take place beginning September 18th. The studio mentions an Alchemy Event is already taking place. Within it you can unlock special chests throughout the world of Atrela by using special keys found from daily quests. Or, players can combine Alchemic Essences and Lead Fragments for the same effect. Players can participate every day, as of today, and the event will end on September 18th as the rest start to kickoff.

Daeva’s Day Events is another in-game event mentioned by NCSoft. Players can expect to receive cake buffs as well as Deava Wings upon the completion of quests. There will also be numerous challenges throughout the land that can help earn players golden feathers, which in-turn can be used to purchase rewards. Hide-and-seek is another game that will be playable. Find min-anniversary cakes around the area and earn rewards from these too. The Daeva’s Day Events starts on September 18th and runs through October 2nd.

You will also be able to use your creative side in Aion as players can submit their unique Key and Mecha design for the upcoming Aethertech class.  Titled Leave Your Legacy:  Aethertech, this special anniversary contest runs through Sept. 25th.

But that’s not all! GMs will host various mini-games and activities throughout the anniversary celebrations, rewarding players for participating. And on September 19th, players can celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day with various pirate-themed activities and gear that’s exclusive to NA.


Top ten Popular Games in Korea– May 2013


So what are the Top Korean Games? According to the statistics from Korean search website Gametrics, here is the list with the most popular games in Korea for the week that just passed.

The first game I will not comment, It’s first in all the world, League of Legends has been keeping the NO.1 seat for 42 weeks and the occupancy reaches almost 40%,it doesn’t surprise me being first in Korea too. Surprisingly ArcheAge has been out of the list and taken place by Diablo III. Sudden Attack, FIFA OL 3, Aion, Blade & Soul, Star Craft II, Lineage, Warcraft, Cyphers in second to ninth places.

The beast of the west, know also as World of Warcraft doesn’t seem to be doing so well in the Korean Game, we can’t find it at the top ten list.
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Fortune blooms in the new Fortune’s Favor event!

Alangia and Minaija are traveling fortune tellers who want to share their gift with the world–and in this case, their fortunes predict big rewards for Daevas who participate in the Fortune’s Favor event!


From now until December 5, you can speak with Alangia in Sanctum and Minaija in Pandaemonium. You will need to collect Red Silk Paper and Golden Essence in order to create a Fortune Envelope containing a valuable Fortune Card. Trade the Fortune Cards in to Alangia and Minaija for rewards!


Players can earn 5 Red Silk Paper through surveys that drop in Baranath Dredgion, Chantra Dredgion, Terath Dredgion, and Tiamaranta’s Eye (Terath Dredgion and Tiamaranta’s Eye surveys begin November 22). These surveys reset twice per day at 12am and 12pm Central Time, for a total of 10 Red Silk per day! Players can also purchase additional Red Silk for 1 NCoin in the Black Cloud Marketplace (limit 5 per day), or 10x Red Silk Paper for 99 NCoin! (No purchase limit!)


Golden Essence can only be earned through hunting during 8pm to 12am Central Time. Combine both components to create the Fortune Envelopes containing precious Fortune Cards! Earn Fortune’s Favor and rewards are sure to be in your future, Daeva!


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New hairstyles coming in Aion 4.0!

Have a look at some of the new hairstyles coming with Aion 4.0The 4.0 update will have eight new hairstyles available (total for males and females), inspired by current hairstyles popularized by fashion magazines! Of course, these hairstyles needed to be tweaked for Aion, because what looks good in real-life might look very different in-game–and hair accessories and clothing need to be accounted for!

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