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Guild Wars 2’s Nightmares Within goes live November 12th


ArenaNet announced the details of Guild Wars 2’s next Living Story November 12th update: The Nightmares Within. Furthering the story of the Nightmare Court teaming up with the Krait, this update brings a slew of new updates and a heavy metal song creation contest to boot. Let’s talk about what’s coming to GW2 with this update.

New Events

Lingering Poison: Though the Tower of Nightmares has been breached, the Toxic Alliance’s nefarious presence remains. Players will find that Kessex Hills and the surrounding countryside still are befouled by poisonous pollen.

Face The Nightmares Within: Special encounters await players brave enough to enter rooms within the Tower of Nightmares. What will they find? Agents of the evil Scarlet Briar? Or something much more insidious? Only one thing is certain: strength, determination and resilience will be required to survive.

The End of Nightmares?: Marjory Delaqua, the human detective, developed a special antitoxin to destroy the deadly menace at the heart of the Tower of Nightmares, but the team she dispatched to inject it never returned. Players will get their chance to pick up the fight and succeed where those before them failed.

New Rewards

Antitoxic Fashion: Players completing the meta achievement for The Nightmares Within will unlock a special Gasmask Skin that features the latest design in air purification and toxin prevention. This universal skin can be applied to any piece of head armor.

Exclusive Looks: Players can complete their wardrobes with a new Air Filtration Device – a dry-land version of the starter aquatic helm – or get the new Toxic Spore back item.

Minis: Players can earn two new Toxic Krait minis – one by destroying Toxic Alliance foes, the other by killing a special enemy hidden deep in the heart of the Tower of Nightmares.

Tri-Key Chest: Players collecting three keys – either from foes within the Tower of Nightmares or by bartering for them with Marjory Delaqua’s helper, Dee – can open the chest for a chance to win special treasures.


To top things off, ArenaNet is hosting a Rock the Nightmare music video contest. Break out your best editing skills to create a one-minute video for the song “The Nightmares Within,” which can be found on ArenaNet’s Soundcloud, and you could win a 3D-printed GW2 guitar or some SteelSeries gaming gear! If you are looking for a full guide on all professions and a complete leveling guide for GW2 then check out 



Guild Wars 2 the second phase Guide to Dragon Bash

GW2 Client had updated on June 18,in this update Dragon Bash will enter the second phase,the second phase of the Dragon Bash will be divided into three days to render,during this time you will get new awards and the rest achievements of unlock Dragon Bash.


Available Tuesday, June 18th

Because June 18 activities have finished so we will not introduce the detail

Available Wednesday, June 19th

A mysterious message will send you to seek out private investigator Marjory Delaqua in the Dead End, a bar in the Eastern Commons of Divinity’s Reach. After her cinematic introduction, head back to Lion’s Arch to investigate. All of the story instances will be single-player.

Talk to Investigator Kiel in the Grand Piazza to enter the Scene of the Crime, a single-player instance. After a scene between Marjory and Kiel, talk to Marjory to obtain an Investigation Kit. With the help of the kit, you’ll be able to exonerate five of the murder suspects.

A message from Marjory indicates that three of the suspects have been located. The ogre Vorrk in Lion’s Arch, the quaggan Morraloo in BloodtideCoast and the skritt Kasparak in Gendarran Fields.

Upon finding Vorrk’s body, use the Investigation Kit to collect arcane residue evidence. Morraloo and Kasparak are found alive; you should be able to talk them into returning to Lion’s Arch for investigation.

Available Thursday, June 20th

Next, another mail from Marjory indicates that the last two suspect have been found: Trembling Song in Snowden Drifts and Astorra in CaledonForest. Again, these suspects won’t need to be taken by force.

Return to the Grand Piazza and talk to Kiel to enter the Scene of the Crime again. Marjory will retune her Investigation Kit for the combined arcane residue of all of the collected samples. Upon retesting the suspects, all suspects will be exonerated except for one. When that suspect is scanned, their hands will glow with arcane residue. Revealed, the suspect will confess and call down their crew to cover their escape.

After defeating the attack, talking with Kiel will complete the story and give you Marjory’s Journal. Marjory will tell you she’s heading back to Divinity’s Reach.

If you return to the Dead End bar, Marjory and Kasmeer will each have a small, optional follow-up conversation with you.


New Rewards

Marjory’s Journal, which Kiel will give you after you’ve exonerated all but one of the suspects, will allow you to watch Marjory’s introductory cinematic with Logan Thackeray and Kasmeer Meade.

New Achievements

Four new achievements will be available. These will need to be completed in order: Ceremony and Acrimony, Hard Boiled, Every Piece Matters and No More Secrets. A fifth achievement, Case Closed, helps track the story, but does not count towards the The Dragon Bash Experience meta-achievement.If you are looking for a full guide on all professions and a complete leveling guide for GW2 then check out

Guild Wars 2: March New Type Missions And Bounty Target


The GW2 staffs created new guild missions, open-world content specifically created with guilds .We believe that was just the beginning .They designed guild missions as a platform feature, it is not just simply add some content for players to complete, they want to establish a foundation for the future of the team system, this can be relatively easy to expand and improve the guild quests.


New Mission Type: Bounty Hunt Training

This mission is designed to provide small and casual guilds with an avenue for accessing and unlocking guild content. The objective is simple: defeat one bounty target within fifteen minutes. Make no mistake, this is still very much a group activity, as tracking and defeating even a single bounty is no trivial task. Those players who belong to a one-person guild may still have to join forces with some other players for at least a limited run.

This month they’re bringing you three new bounty hunt targets that are more insidious, more deadly, and more elusive than ever before. Take a look at this bit of intel, if only so you’re not caught completely off guard when you have to adapt your strategy:


 Three New Guild Bounty Targets

•2-MULT – This defective prototype weather golem has been storming around Timberline Falls. Target needs to be brought in for a software patch.

•Big Mayana – This voracious hylek is wanted for questioning about a recent poisoning. Target is thought to have taken refuge in the canopy of Sparkfly Fen.

•Yanonka the Rat-Wrangler – This rogue ogre is wanted for spying on and sabotaging various factions vying for control of the Fields of Ruin. Target is notorious for using pet rats to do her dirtiest work.

We believe extending guild missions isn’t limited to content, the staff will also improve the task reward,To that end, a completely new set of weapons has been commissioned and made available at the Guild Commendation vendor.

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GW2 : New Character Backpack jewelry only in the Black Lion mall

After update the “Guild Wars 2”  gathering storm , the Black Lion mall now have added three kinds new roles of backpack jewelry, here lets preview the three kinds of roles backpack jewelry pictures and code.

Charr Plush Backpack Cover


Give your backpack a ferocious overhaul with the brand new Charr Plush Backpack Cover. This charr has got your back!

Get way:  spend 300 gems buying

Preview code: [& AgFamgAA]

Pink Quaggan Backpack Cover and Tiger Charr Backpack cover


 Get way:  buy from the Black Lion chests

Preview code: [& AgFSmgAA] and [&AgFGmgAA]

The Black Lion Chest has been updated! Now each chest has a rare chance to contain the new pink version of the Plush Quaggan Backpack Cover and the striped tiger version of the Plush Charr Backpack Cover.

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New Guild Wars 2 PvP Map Spirit Watch, Mode Is Similar To Eye Of The Storm

Korea “Guild Wars 2 “players can play the whole new PVP map in the near future ,The name of the map is Spirit Watch,Spirit Watch like all PvP maps in the game, players will battle for control of three points across multiple vertical levels.

Spirit Watch like all PvP maps in the game, players will battle for control of three points across multiple vertical levels.

In the center of the map is the Orb of Ascension — hey, we wondered what happened to the orbs they took out of WvW! — which a player can claim and then run to one of the three capture points, each of which represents one of the norn spirits of the wild: Wolf, Raven, or Bear. The Orb carrier suffers a 40% speed penalty and is unable to gain swiftness or stealth are disabled for the Orb-carrier. Teleporting or being downed makes you drop the Orb.

Taking the Orb to a point your team controls nets your team 30 points, while taking it to an opponent-held point gives you 15 and immediately neutralizes the point. The Orb then resets 10 seconds later. Of course, the final victory will judged by both score.

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Guild Wars 2: the highest efficiency copy of grave proficient Raiders

I brush AC for a long time and worked with different passers group,I Would like to share with you  the highest efficiency method,and also hope everyone together to share your experiences。

The copy of AC which is divided into 3 parts.

1 .Select the route to KHOLER (Thief Lord)

2. Each branch task

3. Last king Raiders

The first step of course isacexp001

Began to Kholer :Trap location,  jumped onto the coffin , the trap will not be in a coffin


Silver strange cleared her to open the door, there is a period of time to arrive at the location waiting for NPC, this time to stay and NPC dialogue, and other people get downstairs.

Careful trap on the road (red circle), less blood in 2000, the Green Line as a safe route, and then jumped into the wall to attack far off the fire trapacexp003

stand  then start playacexp004

Here is a tip, find a person to go to pull the small spiders (before animation), and then after the animation begins, do not SKIP this time pull strange people is invincible, others can easily killing

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holiday of Wintersday:The Fantastic Workshop of Toymaker Tixx


December 14 to January 3

The nights may be long and dark, but Tyrians of all races keep joy alive during the ancient holiday of Wintersday. While each race celebrates Wintersday in their own unique way, children all over Tyria share a common love of one thing: toys.


This year the city of Lion’s Arch will host the asuran Toymaker Tixx as their special Wintersday guest of honor. Before Tixx arrives in Lion’s Arch in his massive airship toy workshop, he’ll visit every major city in Tyria to deliver Wintersday toys and holiday cheer.

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