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RIFT: After Wade, who is the second American Pie super player



On the day of the Academy Awards, the internationally famous movie star, Maggie Q microblogging gave fans a suspense surprise; 24 hours later, following the first “super players Dwyane Wade, the plan of” space-time rift “American Pie” super players “also surfaced, she is had been media speculation to MaggieQ ,this speculation has been transformed into the “space-time rift” formally signed.

MaggieQ a Vietnamese half-breed successfully break into the international market, due in 2002 starred in “Naked Weapon” starring rising popularity of U.S. drama “Nikita” in 2010, become an internationally renowned movie star. It is reported that Wade endorsement “space-time rift traced contract fee exceeds ten million dollars, while, With MaggieQ popularity signing fee should also not be too low.

With the step-by-step plan of American Pie exposure, and according to the official news released earlier, the space-time rift “super players is a well-known singer in the United States, so stay tuned to follow up reports of igshops


Christmas eve free gold waiting for players


Today is very special! The Christmas eve is a festive time of year during which players can sample delicious festive treats, playfully toss snowballs, and receive special holiday gifts! The Christmas is a reference to the end-of-year seasonal holiday of Christmas, featuring Greatfather Winter as an in-game version of Santa Claus


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2013 will be more exciting for players.

2012 will soon be over, 2012 is a happy and exciting year, there are many games are excellent( for exampleguild wars 2, WOW) ,this is entertaining year for players. for the coming year 2013, we think there are more exciting, because we hear more storage game will be released. the following new game for you reference.
1. ArcheAge
2. Blade & Soul
3. EverQuest Next
4. Pathfinder Online
5. Survarium
6. The Repopulation
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SWTOR Players Can Get Additional Quickbars

The SWTOR development team have been keeping a close eye on the comments from the F2P community. After listening to feedback from the fans, BioWare announced that those players who pay for preferred status will get two additional quickbars with next week’s patch, bringing the total to four quickbars.

We want to let you know that we are constantly listening to you folks, and we’ve heard your feedback regarding limited Quickbars for Preferred Status Players.
This is why, after an upcoming patch that is scheduled for next week, Preferred Status Players will be given two additional Quickbars (for a total of four) that will immediately improve their gameplay experience.
We’ll have more details for you – including information for Preferred Status Players that have already purchased extra Quickbars – once the change goes live.
Thanks again for your feedback and please continue to provide it for us!

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EVE Online: Retribution Feature Site Now Live

The full EVE Online: Retribution feature site is now live, preparing the hundreds of thousands of EVE Online players for the massive changes coming to the EVE Universe on December 4th. Following nine straight years of growth, EVE’s 18th expansion focuses on the consequences of personal choice in the single, Sci-Fi game universe.

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Eve Online Retribution site shows new Destroyers, details bounty system overhaul

Eve Onlines next expansion is on the event horizon, bringing promised NPC AI upgrades, four new Destroyers, a new ORE frigate, rebalanced ship classes and new tactical combat features,” which equates to some UI streamlining. The bounty hunting system will get an interesting makeover as well. Major bounties will scroll across Eves floating space-billboards and the reward system for successful hunts has been tweaked to make bounty hunting a valid career choice for budding Boba Fetts.

A detailed run-down of Retributions features can be found on the new Retribution site , which even has an interactive preview utility for the new ships that lets you rotate them in space and tickle their bellies, because spaceships love it when you do that. For deeper detail regarding the December 4 update, check out the CCP dev blog..

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Fortune blooms in the new Fortune’s Favor event!

Alangia and Minaija are traveling fortune tellers who want to share their gift with the world–and in this case, their fortunes predict big rewards for Daevas who participate in the Fortune’s Favor event!


From now until December 5, you can speak with Alangia in Sanctum and Minaija in Pandaemonium. You will need to collect Red Silk Paper and Golden Essence in order to create a Fortune Envelope containing a valuable Fortune Card. Trade the Fortune Cards in to Alangia and Minaija for rewards!


Players can earn 5 Red Silk Paper through surveys that drop in Baranath Dredgion, Chantra Dredgion, Terath Dredgion, and Tiamaranta’s Eye (Terath Dredgion and Tiamaranta’s Eye surveys begin November 22). These surveys reset twice per day at 12am and 12pm Central Time, for a total of 10 Red Silk per day! Players can also purchase additional Red Silk for 1 NCoin in the Black Cloud Marketplace (limit 5 per day), or 10x Red Silk Paper for 99 NCoin! (No purchase limit!)


Golden Essence can only be earned through hunting during 8pm to 12am Central Time. Combine both components to create the Fortune Envelopes containing precious Fortune Cards! Earn Fortune’s Favor and rewards are sure to be in your future, Daeva!


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